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by Alice Scott on Sunday 05 November 2023

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Since the 1920's, the transformative journey of Joseph Pilates' vision for Pilates is truly inspiring. The enduring popularity of this fitness modality, which has been able to adapt and keep up with the fitness industry over time, is a testament to its success. It goes beyond being just a core workout; Pilates genuinely embodies overall wellbeing.

The Reformer bed has now become the hero piece of equipment that many think about when embarking on their Pilates journey. The popularity of people stepping into their Pilates era is showing no signs of slowing down, and this is because Reformer Pilates provides accessibility for everyone - adaptable to suit all kinds of bodies, and capabilities. And with this, we welcome our new class, Reformer Recovery.

We often feel our muscle burn and shake in a Reformer Pilates class. The beloved cue of ‘pulses’ demonstrates just how spicy the movements and exercises can be. Even so, there is a large portion of Reformer exercises that focus on mobility and stretch - and we've dedicated an entire class that is programmed to focus on just this - Reformer Recovery.  

To improve and maintain physical health, it is recommended to add flexibility training into your exercise routine. Reformer Recovery is a great addition and way for your body to stretch. No matter how you train, you will reap the benefits of more freedom for your joints and muscles. This new class will recalibrate your nervous system and even help manage stress - a perfect opportunity for your mind and body to take a ‘sigh’.

The sensory experience of Reformer Recovery is designed to envelope you like a warm sunset. The music is curated to a slower beat, with chilled beats anchoring the mind and bring inner-focus on your breath. Tension will be dissolved through dynamic and static stretches from the slow flow of the Reformer carriage - warming the muscles in preparation to iron out stiffness. During these stretches, you may feel a buzzy sensation that softly simmers in a release of your muscle fibres.

The uniqueness of the Reformer bed and its springs allows for customisation, which is hard to replicate. It provides multi-levels of support, perfect for anyone that may be new, or even less confident in Pilates. You will perform exercises at a slower pace, giving you ample time to explore the movements, gain a deeper understanding on how to use the bed, and a greater opportunity for the instructor to provide more personalised coaching throughout the class.

Self-care never felt so rewarding and we're living in the times where wellness and wellbeing should be our number one priority. So, come and take your recovery routine to a whole new level. Adding a Reformer Recovery class 1-2 times per week will provide a well-rounded approach to the way you move your body and will compliment every type of exercise program. If this hasn't sold you, then we invite you to step into our class with a free pass and explore the ways your body can move, lengthen, and unwind. See you in the Reformer Pilates studio soon!

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