Small investment, big gains: Hello mobility training

by Myles Birch on Sunday 07 May 2023

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Aches. Pains. Tight muscles. These are things we all deal with. But did you know there’s a quick (and easy) way to banish them once and for all? Meet mobility training – your new, bubbly and bouncy best friend. 

Let’s unpack everything you need to know about this technique and how you can add it to your routine.

What is mobility training?

Mobility training covers exercises that increase your range of motion and the movements your body can safely perform. It involves working holistically on your flexibility, balance, pliability and strength. If you want to stay in tip-top shape and avoid injury, be sure to tick all four of these boxes.

Mobility training can be super diverse. You can tinker with a routine to suit your needs on any given day. In fact, it only takes 10 minutes to get bang for your buck. Don’t believe us? Try it before your next workout.

Quick tip: Always listen to your body when starting something new. Go slow. Test the waters with a few muscle groups. And build up as you become more confident.

Mobility vs flexibility: What’s the difference?

We get asked this one a lot.

Without getting too technical, mobility refers to ‘proprioception’ – our awareness of our body’s positions and movements. That’s why mobility training focuses on increasing our range of motion, and the control we have over the muscles that surround each joint. As a result, this allows us to move more freely. It prevents injuries, too.

Flexibility, on the other hand, is all about lengthening our muscles. Think about the last time you laid on the floor to do a hamstring stretch. With each breath (and passing second) you were actively lengthening your connective tissue. The outcome? Happy, healthy muscles – and hopefully – a little less stiffness throughout the day.  

7 reasons to consider adding mobility training to your routine

If you want to perform at your best, then mobility training could be for you. And the proof is in the proverbial cheat-meal pudding. With this technique you can:

  1. Manage the wear and tear of your joints
  2. Improve your ability to move freely
  3. Promote good posture (office workers, take note!)
  4. Increase your range of movement
  5. Prevent pesky aches and pains
  6. Build stronger muscles and joints
  7. Reduce your risk of injury

Try this mobility workout

You now understand the benefits of mobility training, let's put it into practice! Coach Lauren from Virgin Active Zetland has offered her favourite mobility exercises that she performs with her clients, and personally before workouts. 

Lauren is a highly experienced Personal Trainer with a focus on strength, mobility, and women's health. Follow along as Lauren guides you through each exercise, providing tips on form and technique. You'll finish feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and energised.

Watch here.

Cyclists, yogis, boxers, Pilates pals: Mobility training is a true game changer!

Whether you’re swimming laps, lifting weights or working your core, mobility training is a fantastic choice. Why? Because it can improve your all-round physical conditioning and prevent you from becoming tight and sore.

It can also help you to move through the poses and positions of your favourite activity far more easily. (Be it a downward dog, squat or anything else.) This is because mobility training strengthens your tendons, ligaments and muscles, so you can correct imbalances and function at your best.

Sign up for a personal training session to skyrocket your mobility gains

Ready to add mobility training to your routine? Get in touch with the personal trainers at Virgin Active to book your session. You can work out at the gym, before your next group class or even from home. It’s entirely up to you. 

Psst: be sure to check out these 5 high-protein breakfast recipes to really boost your results! 

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