It’s time to join the Reformer Pilates community

by Alice Scott on Wednesday 07 December 2022

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Reformer Pilates has been growing in popularity for some time now. The demand for this increasingly popular form of movement has surged. But what’s with all the hype? Join Pilates Head Coach Alice Scott, as she looks at the evolution of Pilates and the welcoming community that comes with it.  

A fitness evolution

Let’s rewind 15-20 years ago when the majority of Reformer Pilates classes were taught to an intimate group of roughly 4-6 people and generally focused on rehabilitation. This led to a common misconception that Reformer Pilates was only reserved for physical therapy. Accessing this form of exercise wasn’t an option for many either, partly due to the high cost and lack of awareness.

A significant factor to the momentum and growing popularity of Reformer Pilates was that the practice became more accessible. Virgin Active Australia was a trail blazer in bringing the wonders of Reformer Pilates to a wide audience, shaping the Pilates community as we know it today.

Reformer Pilates at Virgin Active

You can experience Reformer Pilates with the ethos that Joesph Pilates himself was passionate about - that everybody can benefit from Pilates, and everyone is welcome. Pilates has been unleashed to the masses and no longer holds the stigma that it is only for the injured, or certain demographics. We provide class formats where people can celebrate their capabilities, connect, socialise, and experience a sense of belonging.

Reformer Pilates at Virgin Active focuses on the foundational roots and principles from Joesph Pilates, with a modern twist that utilises evidence-based research. We aim to give you a unique experience where you are fully immersed from the moment you enter; till the moment you leave.

The experience is a total vibe, where you are surrounded by your fitness family, moving in sync to curated playlists, where each track has been carefully selected to promote elements of focus and motivation.

Our instructors use language and cueing styles that are inclusive and empowering, and each class is built on the principles of Reformer Pilates to guide and push you in your practice.

And the evolution continues, with Reformer Pilates Athletic capturing a new audience to this practice. Think traditional Pilates repertoire paired with functional athletic movement patterns, cutting edge programming and music, all designed to get your heart rate pumping – it’s a Pilates party!

Our member community

We are witnessing members who have never tried Reformer Pilates before feeling welcomed and excited, and members who have done almost 1000 classes still enter feeling inspired to experience new ways to master movement within their bodies. This is a community where you can learn to conquer your willpower and strength together, no matter your experience.  You will build strength and power, not just physically, but on a psychological and emotional level. Come and feel inspired by those who are seeking to better their physical and mental state with every class. There is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to this form of exercise, anyone and everyone is capable.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a class today.

- Alice, Reformer Pilates Head Coach at Virgin Active Australia.

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