Why is Reformer Pilates so popular?

by Jamie Kennedy on Thursday 01 September 2022

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You’ve heard all the buzz around Reformer Pilates. It’s the trendiest international workout to date. But why has it become so popular? Let’s explore why it continues to grow and why you should try it out, too! 

EveryBODY is welcome

One big drawcard about Reformer Pilates is its inclusive to all fitness capabilities.  Rarely does a group exercise program cater to such a wide demographic; from elite athletes, to the weekend warriors, the office worker, pre-natal, post-natal, post rehab… everyone can gain something from this system of exercise. 

This is because Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates, had the belief that it was everyone’s birthright to move. “The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power,” - Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates believed that with patience and persistence, Pilates will develop the body uniformly. Not only to help improve posture and restore physical vitality, but also it will invigorate the mind and elevate spirt.

Your level of intensity 

Reformer Pilates can assist in your rehabilitation program as an ideal entry point back into exercise, along with the program provided from your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist. Allied health professionals will commonly encourage their patients to attend Reformer Pilates because it incorporates bodily movements and can be performed at your own speed and intensity. 

Many members have Reformer Pilates to thank for giving them a pathway to beginning their exercise journey that helped build their self-confidence both physically and mentally. It’s a gateway into discovering a whole new outlook towards your personal health journey. You have complete control over your pace and intensity, you’re welcome to come in and sweat, or simply move and find your inner-Zen.

Even celebrities love it

Did you know that LeBron James and his fellow NBA teammates are big Reformer Pilates fans? They incorporate Reformer into their training regimes. Sylvester Stallone has blessed the internet with his Reformer skills – google it, you’ll be impressed.

Even our very own Richard Branson is a fan!

Versatility, so you never get bored

Multiple fitness levels can attend the same class; you may find one member will be at the early stages of developing upper body strength, while other members may take the progression given by the coach. The beauty of this is that Reformer Pilates doesn’t harbour a culture of competition. It’s not about outdoing the person next to you. It’s about diving into your mindset and focusing on what your body can achieve and celebrating that, in turn this creates a sense of success, and achievement. This is the key motivator to showing up week on week for your class.  

You can do as little (or as much) as you want

Mindfulness is another reason why Reformer Pilates is so popular. Members are encouraged to self-modify when needed. At the same time, we also encourage you to work hard and step out of your comfort zone. It’s important to acknowledge that developing a new set of physical skills set takes time, consistency and a little bit of patience. 

The process to mastering Reformer Pilates can start will 2 classes per week, and due to the low impact nature of the exercises some members might attend Reformer classes 6 days a week. We offer Reformer Pilates at an introductory level that teach you’re the basics when starting your Reformer journey. We also offer advanced classes such as Reformer Athletic for those who feel confident and are seeking a challenge within their workout. 

Reformer Pilates can be paired with other workouts

Reformer Pilates can be your stand-alone way to get fit, or it’s a great compliment to any other additional training you already undertake. The skills Reformer Pilates will develop within your body can be translated into any other modality of fitness training. This is because Reformer Pilates is multifaceted, targeting aspects of strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, and power. It will also sharpen your reflexes, improving balance, and body awareness.

The whole body will get a great workout, classes are refreshingly varied! Be prepared to explore and feel your body move in various ways; you’ll push, pull, sit, stand, and bend in ways you’ve never experience before. The Reformer machine is specifically designed to be adaptable, and this is why it’s a suitable to all fitness levels. The exact same exercise can go from easy or super challenging depending on the spring load. 

Look at what your body can do

Reformer Pilates is so popular because it celebrates full body movement for everyone. Empowering the mindset of what your body is capable of, rather than what your body isn’t good at. As Joseph Pilates says change happens through movement and movement heals, in 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body. 

We want to help facilitate your body to feel stronger and encourage optimal movement. Have we convinced you yet? Great. We’ll see you soon at the next Virgin Active Reformer Pilates class.

Learn about the power of diversity and inclusion in this fascinating two-part episode with Anula Maiberg, founder of Pilates Human. Mark and Anula invite you along for a conversation intended for Pilates teachers and students about exploring inclusivity, body neutrality, and the modern-day Pilates industry. You'll walk away with more awareness about what you can do to find more joy in and out of the Pilates studio. Take a deep dive and listen to the episode on our Virgin Active Minds Podcast.

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