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At Virgin Active, we do health and fitness differently. We have expertly crafted exercise experiences that are the perfect blend of intelligent programming and feel-good movement. We've got everything from Yoga to HIIT, so you can move your body any way you want.


Beautifully designed and purpose-built Yoga studios, with high-quality mats and props provided to take you out of the hustle and into the heart.

Classes include: Yoga Flow, Yoga Align, Yoga Calm, Sound Bath


With power punching combinations on your own personal bag, ozone-cleaned leather gloves and arena lighting, you will lose the world and find yourself during this workout. Only available at certain clubs.

Classes include: Boxing – Foundations, Boxing

Reformer Pilates

All-inclusive Reformer Pilates studio with dynamic music, your own personal bed and complimentary props to explore what you're capable of.

Classes include: Reformer Pilates - Foundations, Reformer Pilates - Align, Reformer Pilates - Athletic, Reformer Recovery


Custom designed bikes, clip in shoes ready on arrival, choreographed lighting and fresh daily beats to inspire you for every ride. Only available at certain clubs.

Classes include: Cycle Burn, Cycle Spirit

Grid Training

Energising music, high-tech equipment, and spacious floors. Find your place on the Grid where team work makes the dream work.

Lift Club

Master the art of lifting or take your lifting prowess to the next level as our expert Coaches guide you through all things technique in this safe and empowering environment. Exclusively at Virgin Active Pitt Street.

Classes include: Lift Club – Foundations, Lift Club

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