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5 Plants To Zen Your Den

by Megan Wynd on Monday 25 February 2019


Ah plants, Mother Nature’s gift to us all. They can brighten up a space, purify the air and generally just bring that extra touch of zen to your home.

But finding out which plants thrive indoors, as well as suit your space can be hard, so we’ve done the leg work for you. Here are 5 plants to zen your den (or office, for that matter).


This plant is all about bringing those peaceful vibes – it’s even in the name! This fronded friend is best kept out of direct sunlight and without too much water. Although, if you do want to help recreate the tropical home it comes from, try misting the leaves with a spray bottle every now and then – it’ll love it!


This little one is a part of the succulent family and is extremely hardy. You can find it in a variety of earthy tones, shapes and sizes. The one thing succulents love (a lot) is catching some rays, so let it hang out near a window that gets sun during the day.


This plant is not only a gorgeous addition to a room, it has super healing powers. Like the others, it’s easy to care for and doesn’t require too much attention. Just give it water when the soil is completely dry. It’s also a sun fiend just like its succulent friend, so up to 7 hours a day is recommended, but not strictly needed. To utilise some of Aloe Vera’s healing magic, simply cut a leaf off and rub the ‘gel’ directly on a burn or bite for instant, home-grown relief.


Back in leafy territory, Golden Pothos is a laid-back kind of plant that doesn’t need all your time to keep thriving. It can also live in well-lit rooms or low light spaces (now that’s versatile!).  Just like the Peace Lily, replicating rainforest air will be the best thing you can do for it. A light misting here and there is all it needs.


Now don’t let the name fool you, in no way are Snake Plants going to bring reptiles into your home. It gets its name from its look, with its snake-like shaped and patterned leaves. And just like a snake, it does best when you leave it alone. The trick with Snake Plants is to try not to get the leaves wet when watering, the soil absorbs all it needs. Put it in indirect sunlight and it’ll have a long, happy life. This beauty will also make your den the zennest, with all its air purifying qualities! Now breathe in… and breathe out… ahhh!

Growing indoor plants is just another way to turn your home into a sanctuary, so why not head to your local nursery today? Another great way to bring more zen into your life is with yoga classes at Virgin Active gyms. We offer a range of sessions to get you in the zone.

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