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Float tanks – let your stress float away

by Melinda Jennings on Monday 3 December 2018


Want to feel that sense of silent calm that comes with floating in the ocean, without the burning sun or sand that gets everywhere? A float tank could be the answer. Float tanks are said to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and pain, aid circulation and lead to less headaches and a more restful night’s sleep.

These soundproofed pods of isolation – filled only with warm water, Epsom salts, and nothing to distract you from thinking about the daily grind – are not for the claustrophobes among us, but for others they can be very beneficial.

What’s the science behind float tanks?

A float tank, also known as a sensory deprivation tank, is a sound proof pod filled with about 25-30cm of salty water. It’s designed to shut out the outside world, so you can while away a buoyant hour or so without the many distractions of modern life – leaving you with nothing but your thoughts.

In the complete silence and darkness, you’ll experience the sensation of sensory deprivation. For many, this distraction-free watery space leads to a completely relaxed state, helping to heal a whole host of ailments, like stress, anxiety, swelling, insomnia, and more. It has also been said to boost creativity, due to forced mindfulness and an almost meditative state, which can be easier to achieve without common distractions such as Instagram or Netflix.


Do they actually work?

A lot of people stand by the many benefits of float tanks.

From supermodels like Elle Macpherson to sports stars like basketballer Steph Curry, many have thrown their support behind these salty silos. And it’s not just for people with copious money to burn – many regular Joe’s and Jane’s get plenty out of float tanks, too.

Should I try it out? 

Like a lot of things, float tanks don’t work for everyone. But many people swear by their numerous benefits, so if your regular meditation or yoga routine isn’t quite cutting it – or you want to just try something new – there’s a possibility that a floating tank could really help.
If the sound of sitting in a watery pod of isolation gives you the heebie jeebies, at Virgin Active we offer a wide range of active recovery and relaxation spaces. Explore one of our many stress less options today.    


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