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Welcome to Yoga Foundations

by Kate Pippos on Friday 17 November 2017


The aim of yoga is simple: to help you live more comfortably in your body, and find peace in your mind.

Never been to yoga before but curious about the benefits? 

Been a few times but constantly feel left behind in the ‘flow’? 

A seasoned yogi looking for the deeper meaning of why you’re moving the way you are?  

Welcome to Yoga Foundations – your platform for all things yoga. 

This brand new course has been carefully crafted by our dedicated yoga experts to bring you both the best and the most basic of all things yoga.

By the end of it, you’ll not only be across our three categories of yoga here at Virgin Active: Align, Calm and Strength, but you’ll know your right from your left and your Vinyasa from your Yin. 

During this 4-week course, split into either 2 x 1-hour sessions per week or 4 x 2-hour sessions per week (depending on your club) you will be exposed to all things yoga. The course aims to integrate the ancient concepts and philosophies of yoga into a digestible system that will leave you feeling confident, aware and cultivated both physically and philosophically. All of this is recorded for you in a handbook which will be your guide for this time and beyond.  

Sessions are divided into a focus on specific poses. Sessions 1 - 3 introduce you to standing poses, as well as the theory behind them. You’ll learn key sequences and how to execute the poses as well as the spaces in between. Foundational poses and other balances will help you find your balance and use your legs, core, breath and gaze. 

By session 4 we’re ready to take respite in the sweetness of restorative forms of yoga including seated forward bends. 

Sessions 5 – 7 have us explore the strength category with an emphasis on flow and more dynamic seated poses such as twists and backbends. You’ll learn when, why and how to use these poses in your own life to bring the most benefit to your physical body and mind as well as your power bottom. 

Our final session focuses on aligning and calming and will leave you feeling rested and carrying with you the relaxation of your experience of yoga out into everyday life. 

As well as knowledge and the physical benefits of yoga, including increased strength and flexibility, Yoga Foundations will allow you to build a little bit of community. An important aspect of yoga practice is the concept of a sangha, which means ‘company’. 

Each week you will see the same faces and get to know the other people in your course. Together, you will experience and be bonded by both the joys and challenges of the practice. 


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