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How to work out based on the theory of colour

by Adele Rogers on Friday 14 October 2016

Colour is all around us. Everywhere we look.

We choose colours to suit our personal taste. It helps determine what we eat, the way we dress, and without even realising it, the way we feel. But regardless of colour being a part of our everyday lives – we tend to spend little time consciously noticing it.  

Let’s take a moment to think about what colour actually is.

Colour derives from the spectrum of light interacting with the light receptors in your eye. Light comes in different wavelengths and frequencies – and the different wavelengths are seen as different colours. The colour that you see – is really just a perception of your brain by the use of your eye.

Tricky stuff.

So it’s not too surprising that it is theorised that all living things are also surrounded by a band of sound, light, vibration and colour. Psychics and healers call this your aura, which they use to tell a lot about you - from your personality, to your emotions and anxieties. Scientific studies have also long been carried out on the effect of colour on human behaviour.


Have you ever wondered why you find certain colours more enticing than others? Why some spaces leave you feeling relaxed and others edgy?

Inna Segal is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine. Her book 'The Secret Language of your Body' speaks on how you can integrate the power of colour in your own life, and Aura Soma’s collection of essential oils, crystals and colours speak to the colour of your aura - their motto stating ‘you are the colour you choose’.  

So take a moment to think about what colours you associate with. 

Whether it’s the colour you’ve always gravitated towards, or you’re attracted to a certain colour because there is something you’re currently lacking – we’ve used these interesting theories on colour to determine the perfect workout for you.  

Blue represents tranquillity, serenity and peace. It’s the colour of cooling, calming and helps to bring you back to your centre. Blues should enjoy mindful exercises such as Yin Yoga or Meditation.  

Red is the colour of energy, heat, vitality and power. It represents enthusiasm, adrenalin and stimulates mental and physical energy. Reds have energy to burn. They should sweat it out in a Grid or Ki Max class.

Yellow brings happiness. It’s sunny, bright, joyful and refreshing. It boosts mood, creativity and helps you retain information. Yellows should have a laugh in a Freestyle Dance or Zumba class. 

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Green is harmonious and mending. It helps calm the body, release frustration and anger, and centre and relax in stressful situations, and assists in decision making. Greens should integrate both body and mind with a SPRINT spin class or Power Yoga.  

Pink is the colour of lurrrrrve. It represents compassion, affection, warmth, gratitude, strength and nourishment. It replaces stress and negativity with feelings of love. Pinks should take on an Ashtanga Yoga or Ballet Fit Barre class.  

Violet helps to increase your physical awareness. It’s the colour of intuition, creativity, balance and healing. Violets should use these skills on workouts such as Pilates Reformer or Drums Alive.  

Orange is a stimulant, and increases pulse rate. It symbolises warmth, optimism, prosperity, and spontaneity. Oranges should enjoy the movement of exercises such as rock climbing or Body Combat.  

Brown gets you in touch with animals and nature. It represents earthiness, hibernation, nurturing and stability. Browns should get back to nature with an Animal Flow or Zuu class.  

Indigo is the colour of clarity, intuition, inspiration and wisdom. It increases your concentration, memory and communication. Indigos should use these skills with workouts such as Vinyasa Yoga or Body Balance.  

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