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Why you should eat breakfast

by Rachelle Tan on Friday 20 July 2018


When you’re rushing to get out the door in the morning, what do you prioritise? A few extra minutes in bed? Perhaps that first coffee?

For many of us, breakfast can tumble down the priority order pretty quick.  

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out why you should be prioritising breakfast.  If the last meal you had before breakfast was dinner, which was about 12 hours ago, then you’re going to be running on fumes by lunchtime. 

Ask any mechanic: you wouldn’t drive around with no fuel in your car – well you could, but you wouldn’t get very far. Let’s take a look at why fueling your body is so important and how breakfast is the perfect place to start.

Skip leg day, skip rope – but don’t skip breakfast 

We all need energy to function properly, because for some of us breakfast might be the only source of energy we can fit into our busy schedules. Breakfast can be the difference between landing face first on the floor from a lack of energy (figuratively, but also sometimes literally),  and having the most productive day ever. 

Good food in – great results out 

What we eat for breakfast is important. It’s easy to neglect nutrition throughout the day because of work or life demands. Breakfast is on the frontline of mental stamina, so try to pile high quality fresh food on your plate. Too much sugar for breakfast, included in some cereals, can give you a boost of energy, but can cause a huge crash the minute the sugar is metabolized.

Imagine Wile E. Coyote from Looney Tunes with a stick of dynamite strapped to his back – there’s a burst of energy to get ahead, but it doesn’t last very long.  
Take a moment for yourself at breakfast 

Breakfast can signify the calm before the storm. It’s easy to cram anything available into your mouth and call it breakfast because it’s convenient. But, breakfast is one of the few times you have to quietly contemplate on the day ahead. It’s also the best time to eat carbs, protein, calcium and fruits in large amounts.

If you’re as active as we are, you’re going to need those calories to get through your day! 

So take the time to enjoy what you eat and welcome the day in with a smile – your body (and workmates) will thank you. 

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