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Weekly meal prep: how to eat healthier and save some coin in the process

by Tali Samoylenko on Wednesday 23 May 2018


Are you finding yourself eating out for dinner and lunch way too often? Keeping an eye on your account balance or your waistline? 

Saving your café lunch for a Sunday treat doesn’t have to spoil your week - especially if you organise yourself in advance.

Weekly meal prepping helps you save time and money, while making sure that the meals you eat are nourishing and healthy!

Here’s how to go about it.  

1. Choose your time to prep

Since you’ll be prepping food for at least a week in advance, you’ll need some time handy to knuckle down! Choose a day each week to roll your sleeves up and make sure you stick to it.

Weekends work particularly well because you’ll have a little extra time spare. Throw on your favourite playlist to make it fun - or time your meal prep with Masterchef so you’re not alone.  

On the flip-side, if you’re a consistent mid-week cook, spread out the task by doubling up portions to freeze. Soon enough you’ll have your very own frozen meal section. 

2. Stock up on containers 

Once you’re done with the cooking, you’ll need something to store all of that delicious food in.

Look for containers that are easy to wash and stackable for neat storage. Keep in mind that you might be freezing your meals and microwaving them, so check for microwave safety.

Don’t forget to pack some healthy snacks like nuts and dark chocolate to save you from reaching into the office cookie jar.

There are reusable containers designed for just about any purpose. Get creative. We promise we won’t judge your inner organisational nerd..  

3. Keep it simple 

Don’t worry about cooking up a culinary masterpiece. The point is to have simple, tasty food ready to pull out at your convenience.

Women should aim for a palm-sized portion of protein, a cupped-hand of carbs, a thumb-size of fats, and a fist of veggies. It's recommended that men double this.

Mix it up week to week or, if you’re planning on freezing your food, you can pull out different meals for each day. 

Salad eaters: our tip is to freeze your protein and throw together a simple yet fresh salad the night before. Just make sure that you eat your food within 2 to 6 months of freezing.   

So you’re taking your health into your own hands by choosing healthier food options – good on you!  Why not take the next step and start getting active too?

Here at Virgin Active, we’ve got a huge range of awesome classes to suit any fitness level and to support any health goal. Pop in today for a chat or give us a call! We’d love to help you on your road to wellness.  

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