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What the Supp? Supplements Trending in 2018

by Emma Edwards on Thursday 1 February 2018



In 2016, it was turmeric. 2017 saw charcoal take centre stage, so what’s hot for 2018? Whether you’re a bedside table tablet popper or smoothie powder packer, supplements have been used to, well, ‘supplement’ our active wellness journeys for many years. But if you think supplements are limited to a stock standard mix of BCAAs, protein powders and lolly-like multivitamins, think again. 


Strange as the name may be, Nootropics represents a group of brain-boosting supplements. The Nootropics industry is said to be the next step in natural progression from the mindfulness movement. Living in highly tech-dependent times, brain fog, stress and creativity blocks are becoming commonplace in daily life. Nootropics utilises the benefits of ‘happy hormone’ phenylethylamine, stress-reducing l-theanine and brain-protecting Omega 3s to restore balance. In a world learning to embrace yoga and meditation to tackle the pressures of modern life, these medicine cabinet favourites seem to be attracting a dedicated tribe of health nuts hoping to create more mind space.  


Gut Fungi

3 years ago, most people would have assumed Kombucha to be a lesser-known cousin of the Kardashian family. Now, the gut-loving drink is brewed on tap in bars and cafes. Basically, the world has gone nuts for gut health. 

The focus has generally been on balancing good and bad bacteria in the gut, but 2018 might be all about fungi. Identified by microbiome scientist, Dr. Ghannoum, as the missing link in the search for optimal gut health, fungi works alongside good bacteria to breakdown digestive plaque. Now that the world has taken notice of the importance of a happy gut, it’s predicted that we’ll be focusing on developing a supportive environment for our microbes. Supplements with added prebiotic fibres will turn heads, and fungi might just take centre stage in optimising digestive health.  


No no, we’re not talking about hot-footing it to your local plazzy surgeon for a plumper pout. One of the new kids on the supplement block is collagen – that you eat! Delivering a hearty hit of protein, collagen supplements are derived from the connective tissue of animals (eek), and are shaping up to be one of the hottest new supplement trends. You can buy ‘hydrolysed’ collagen in powder form, and add it to juices, smoothies, oats or even your morning coffee, with the promise of glowing skin, healthy bones, appetite satiation from the protein content, and a reduction in fine lines. …We’re still not sure.  


Make sure you support a healthy diet with an active lifestyle. Supplements should be used responsibly, following the manufacturer's directions and dosages. You should consult with your general practitioner before taking any supplements or embarking on any major dietary changes.

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