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How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise When It’s Cold

by Katherine Buzza on Saturday 12 June 2021

It’s safe to say, you’re not the only one struggling to get out of bed to make it to gym classes. It’s a seasonal challenge for many to maintain an exercise routine in winter, taking a lot more motivation than it might during summer. These 3 ways to kickstart your motivation are a great starting place for inspiration.

Kick the seasonal slump to the curb and apply these tips and strategies to help you stay motivated during the cold and dark winter months. 

Set yourself up for success by preparing to stay active in the chilly mornings

Play some music

Ditch the standard alarm and crank the tunes first thing to get you moving when you wake up in the morning. Even better, have a morning playlist ready to blast and get you shaking your booty. 

Simulate a warm morning with some gadgets

Invest in a timed daylight simulation globe and heater with a timer. The temptation to press the snooze button becomes so real when it’s still dark at 7 am and your breath condensates in a cold room. A  smart-bulb like these  that you can program to light up earlier than sunrise will encourage your body (adjusting your natural circadian rhythm) to wake up. Paired with a timed heater, you’re creating an ideal environment to jump out of bed with a spring in your step.

Get your kit ready the night before

Get your gym clothes ready the night prior to avoid temptation to stay in your pajamas.

Investing in some good quality winter layers that promote internal heat and warmth makes the weather more bearable, too. A reliable pair of trail running shoes or a down puffer jacket ready at the door allows for a seamless transition outside. Seriously, wearing gear that makes you feel good might be the bribe you need.

Lunchtime fitness keeps your body moving and your focus sharp into the afternoon

Log on to an On-Demand workout

If you didn’t quite make it to 7 am yoga, or are experiencing another lockdown, remember to be kind to yourself. Maintain motivation in the middle of the day by taking movement inside your home.

Tune into an On-Demand workout, ready for you anytime anywhere! With Virgin Active, we have a library of pre-recorded pilates, HIIT and yoga for you to follow. Or to make it feel like you're there in class, stream the it live, just remember to set a reminder.

Brighten your workout space

Working from home in your pajamas? Switch it up with athelisurewear to get you into the mindset to exercise and give yourself a good quality yoga mat to stretch your glutes, open into bridges and find your flow with a little extra support where you need it.

Liven your place with a bright print, it can warm up your room and help create a workout environment you enjoy and look forward to doing. It'll look perfect in your at-home workout studio that also doubles as your office. 

Buddy-up and stay active at work

Plan a weekly lunchtime walk in your calendar with a colleague. An accountability buddy is a sure way to maintaining your exercise schedule.  There are lots of reasons why workmates make great exercise partners . Healthy breaks from the desk or worksite helps build relationships and can even develop into life-long friendships. Another great way to squeeze in steps during the day is to turn one-on-one meetings into walking catch ups. Who doesn’t love connections who keep you accountable and active?

Adjust your evening routines to smash your fitness goals

Practice goal setting

Shake up your evening routine and targets for the season. Reflect on what you want to achieve for the colder months, and set your winter goals. This can be a great opportunity to mix up your activities if what you’ve been planning isn’t working. Consistently missing those HIIT classes?  Find the workout that works for you. Use the seasonal shift as an opportunity to mix it up. If you haven’t already, getting a tour of the Virgin facilities and chatting to our team about the new timetable can reignite your flame and get you hot and sweaty again. 

Get a personal trainer

When all else fails, call in reinforcements i.e. a personal trainer. Working with a PT can be one of the most transformative experiences in your fitness journey. They’ll shower you with positive affirmations when you hit those targets, shred harder and encourage you to turn up each week. It’s sometimes the moments of literal darkness that help us to see the light. Trust us, you won’t regret it. 

Interested to learn how getting active at Virgin Active can help your fitness adventure? Book a tour today to discover our extraordinary experiences!

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Not a Virgin Active Member?

Book in for a free guided tour. We'll show you all the facilities and answer any questions you may have. No obligation. Just lots of smiles. We'll call you to book your visit at a convenient time.

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