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4 Ways To Exercise With Kids During Lockdown

by Rhys Martin on Wednesday 29 April 2020


Everyone is spending a lot more time at home at the moment due to Covid-19 isolating.

And while Netflix and other streaming distractions have their place, it’s vital for parents and children alike to get moving and stay active during this time. Plus it’s also a great way for parents and kids to spend quality time together.

For many kids (and parents in-tow), autumn and winter usually bring a range of outdoor sports, such as soccer, football, netball, hockey and many more. To ensure everyone in your house is getting their fitness fix, we take a look at four fun ways to exercise during lockdown.

1. Host Your Own Backyard (or Indoor) Olympics

In the time of COVID-19, backyards have become an invaluable outdoor oasis. If you’re lucky enough to have one, you can make the most of it by creating your own home Olympics. If not, many of the activities below can be done inside – using a hallway or spare room, for example.

Some hybrid ‘sports’ to add to your Olympics include:

  • Tenpin bowling. Instead of pins, you can half-fill used juice or milk bottles with water. Plastic is best, but glass is OK as long as the bowling ‘ball’ is soft. You could use soccer, basketball or netball balls as bowling balls. This sport also works well in a hallway.
  • Backyard cricket. No explanation necessary. Traditional rules apply, such as six and out, and one-hand one bounce. If the ball goes into the neighbour’s backyard, perhaps give them a quick call instead of popping around.        
  • Keepy uppy. Ideally done with a round ball (e.g. netball or soccer ball), you can also use an oval-shaped ball (e.g. football or rugby) for higher difficulty – perhaps even create a two-stage event. It involves juggling a ball with your feet, trying to ‘keep it up’ and avoid hitting the ground for as long as possible. A balloon works well inside – as demonstrated by adorable kids’ cartoon Bluey, it can also be used to ‘encourage’ your kids to clean up their toys .

Don’t forget, while you may be keeping score, you can participate too.

2. Dance Along to The Wiggles (or Any Music)

For parents that have seen Wiggles videos ad nauseum, you’ll know how active they are. While this one is suited to parents with younger children – it’s a great cardio workout, and not just for your kids, but for you too. While they’re getting a kick out of seeing mum and/or dad join in, you’re working up a sweat. So you’re not doing Hot Potato over and over again, take a look at this list of Wiggles ‘workout’ videos broken into body sections, such as a focus on arms or legs .

If you’ve had enough of The Wiggles, simply pop on some music from Virgin Active's Spotify playlist 'Songs to Dance to With Your Kids' and have a good ol’ loungeroom dance session.

3. Do a Yoga Session

Introducing kids to yoga can have a multitude of benefits, including teaching them to be more mindful and focused, as well as breathing techniques to manage stress. It’s also a great way for you to sharpen your yoga practice and get in a fun workout.

If you’re a bit of an aspiring yogi, feel free to run your own yoga ‘class’ with your kids. Otherwise, start with something a little more approachable, such as Calm or Align.

4. Workout (Online) Together

With all Virgin Active gyms temporarily closed due to Covid-19, we’ve taken many of our engaging workouts online. From Pilates to yoga, to Grid Training and Barre, you can get active with your children right from the comfort of your own living room. Most of these workouts are only 20 minutes long, so they’re great for kid’s (and adult's) shorter attention spans. And the beauty is, you don’t need a lot of space or exercise equipment to do them. For example, you can just roll out your yoga mat (a towel works fine too) and follow along on your iPad or laptop – just see where the 20 minutes takes you!

All Virgin Active online workouts are free for anyone and can be accessed through your MyLocker account or simply by signing up here. They even pair perfectly with our playlists on Spotify (just search Virgin Active Australia), so you and the kids can move to the music while working out together.

Being isolated at home doesn’t mean you and your family can’t get active and have fun while you’re doing it. So, make sure you’re keeping your mind and body engaged during this time, and stay happy and healthy.

We’d love to hear from you! Get social and share a fun snap of you and your kid’s ‘iso-workout’ with us on Instagram – simply tag @virginactiveaustralia.

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Not a Virgin Active Member?

Book in for a free guided tour. We'll show you all the facilities and answer any questions you may have. No obligation. Just lots of smiles. We'll call you to book your visit at a convenient time.

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