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Why Yoga Has the Power to Change Your Life

by Jamie Kennedy on Saturday 24 August 2019


The word transformation feels… BIG. It feels like it should be something reserved for enlightened people only, and you aren’t sure you’re one of them. But we’re here to tell you, everyone can transform every day, with every breath. Every time you breathe in and breathe out, you can transform.

No matter what stresses we have, or how much we take on in our daily lives, with each mindful breath, we are giving ourselves the gift of starting fresh. Which is why many feel differently when they start to practice yoga  regularly. Most people claim they feel better in their body, their mind clearer, and are less quick to react negatively to stressful situations. These are just a couple of the benefits that people experience through practicing yoga. The question is, why does yoga work so well?


You might be asking, how is that possible? Can yoga really transform me? The simple answer is yes. It isn’t a one-yoga-class transformation but instead, is a more subtle evolving. As you move your body into new shapes, you might feel resistance at first. But as you let go of the resistance and create these new shapes, your brain also in turn is creating new shapes and pathways. It’s allowing you to see beyond the habits and thought patterns you’ve always had. This allows for freedom and transformation.


The very act of yoga is intention. Booking into a yoga class is intention. Showing up for yoga class is an intention. Listening to the teacher is intention. Moving and breathing in sequence is intention. And in the act of intention, there is a freedom because you are ultimately making the choice: the choice to show up. And when you show up for something again and again, it teaches you what it could be like to show up in all aspects of your life. To be present and aware always. 


You do not transform into something greater than yourself. You actually transform into who you were always meant to be. Yogic texts explain that throughout our lives, we experience obstacles that pull us away from who we truly are. Emotional scars, triggers and bad habits tend to keep us self-involved, not allowing us to connect to the bigger Self. With yoga practice, it is said that these obstacles are subtly stripped away. And what is left is who you were always meant to be. Free from the obstacles keeping you from a happy, fulfilled life.

So, now you’re ready to get on that mat. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or, have been practicing for years, we’re here to tell you that Virgin Active offers a yoga program unparallel to the rest. With expertly trained yoga coaches in their field, the yoga classes you seek to change your life are here. And best yet, you’ll have the freedom to find balance not only in yoga but with our wide array of group exercise and fitness facilities. Less boredom, more transformation.

In the meantime, Kate Pippos our National Head Coach of yoga, is offering to you a special yoga sequence for counteracting our sitting habit . Ready to get to know Kate Pippos better? Here we chat all things yoga with her during this 2-Minute Hangout.

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