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The Lowdown On Indoor Cycling

by Stephanie Underhill on Monday 24 June 2019


Winter can be a hard time to get motivated to workout – even harder to get out on the road on your bike! But if you’ve not tried an indoor cycling class before, you’re in for a treat that’s guaranteed to warm you up.

Forget the rusty old exercise bike from the 90’s; Virgin Active’s indoor cycling classes are conducted in state-of-the-art facilities, in exciting group classes that apply a high-energy hit of adrenaline.

Read on to get the full lowdown on modern day indoor cycling, or book your tour right now and see one of our cycle studios in person.


While exercise bikes may conjure up images of infomercials, Virgin Active’s indoor cycling program (Cycle) involves high-energy group classes that are focused on fun, endurance and high intensity interval training (HITT) so you never get bored. Advanced stationary bike technology is used to track your speed and power, encouraging you to go for it!

Indoor cycling is a great cardiovascular workout that specifically targets your leg muscles and raises your heart rate. It can be conducted at your own pace, but our expert coaches always motivate you to reach your goals. Ready to get started? Book your free tour today!


Inspiring, encouraging Coaches: 

Virgin Active cycle classes are designed to be exhilarating and fun. Classes are directed by expert coaches who educate you on exactly how to cycle, and also motivate and inspire as needed to help you find that extra one per cent of effort you’ve got in you!

Great music: 

Indoor cycling is all about getting pumped, and high-energy music is an essential part of the environment. Have some fun bouncing to the beat as you pedal your way to feeling fitter and healthier.

Advanced cycling machines: 

Virgin Active Health Clubs use easy-to-use, state-of-the-art stationary indoor bikes in all Cycle classes. They enable you to access data for things like your speed, distance, heart rate and more as you pump your legs and strive for your personal best. Also available are cycling shoes, that will help you take your cycling experience to the next level. 

Sweat (a lot):  

Indoor cycling is a highly effective cardio workout that raises your heart rate and gets you sweating. Which is a good thing! It means your cycling is having an effect, building your leg muscles and powering your muscular endurance – remember to bring a towel along with you. Despite the sweat you’ll work up, indoor cycling is a low impact exercise, so it’s great for everyone, regardless of whether you’re just getting started, recovering from an injury or are a bicycle enthusiast. 


Virgin Active Health Clubs have two incredible indoor cycling classes to choose from:

Cycle - Spirit:

In this 45-minute class, get ready for a truly soul-full experience. Your instructor will not only motivate and guide you physically, with specialised music and lighting, but also inspire you to awaken your spirit through a meditative mindset. Bring your own sneakers or bike shoes, along with a water bottle, sweat towel and workout gear.

Cycle – Burn

During this 40-minute class, your rockstar coach will take you on an epic journey with an ultimate HIIT workout. You’ll work your hardest, with full visibility of your metrics to motivate you to strive even harder. Bring your own sneakers or bike shoes, along with a water bottle, sweat towel and workout gear.

Virgin Active Cycle classes are available at Bligh St, Pitt St, Moore Park, Bourke St, Frenchs Forest, Norwest and Margaret St! Sign up for your first class today, and see what all the fuss is about.

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