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The Impact Of Poor Posture (And How To Fix It)

by Camilla Walker on Tuesday 16 July 2019


With so much of our lives spent hunched over digital devices (you may even be doing it right now as you read this), bad posture is becoming more prevalent and is having a noticeable impact on our health and wellbeing.

So, how do you avoid 'text neck', slouching, hunching over and generally looking like a human question mark? We explore a few easy tips to improve your posture and set you straight.


50 per cent of Australians have jobs that involve sitting at least some of the time. And that’s not just office workers – sedentary work can be part of the everyday for many, take truck drivers and crane operators, for example. It’s not hard to see that a lot of our bad posture begins, and worsens, with the sedentary nature of our jobs – or even just getting to work. Studies have shown that the more sitting we do, the greater our risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, becoming overweight and experiencing depression and anxiety.

With that in mind, if we’re going to spend time sitting, it’s important to put a few, easy steps in place to improve our posture, and ultimately, our health.


Remember your parents or a teacher saying ‘sit up straight!’ or ‘shoulders back!’? They were on to something. Gently reminding yourself to check in on your posture a couple of times throughout the day can be all it takes to start becoming more aware of how you’re holding yourself. Take a moment to ask yourself the following:

= Are my shoulders back, in a comfy position?

= Am I sitting up straight?

= Are my feet flat on the floor?

= Are my eyes looking ahead and is my neck straight?

= Is my core engaged?

If you answered yes, great! If there were a few no’s, straighten yourself out with each question.

A Personal Trainer at Virgin Active could also develop a workout routine to help your affected muscles counteract sitting consistently. Learn more on a tour today.


If you’re in need of a bit more of a foundation to getting your posture ship-shape, a Reformer Pilates or aligning Hatha Yoga class could be just what you need.

Both Pilates and yoga develop strength through simplicity, with a focus on reinforcing your core, toning and conditioning the body and honing in on your breathing to add a meditative element. Virgin Active Pilates and yoga classes are led by highly trained health practitioners, who will guide you with professionalism and care. They understand the benefits of good posture, and will teach you how to achieve it with a few simple steps.


It’s time to cast your mind back again to you at work, or at various points throughout the day. This time, think about how you want to feel, and how maintaining good posture can help you achieve that. Instead of that sad human question mark, do you want to feel like a lively exclamation mark? It’s simple – shoulders back, straighten your back and you’re nearly there.

If you want to build on your posture to really see positive results, it’s worth checking out the many yoga and Pilates classes Virgin Active has on offer. Book your tour today!

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