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5 Reasons Why Exercise Makes You Happier

by Jacinta Koelewyn on Tuesday 5 November 2019


Working out provides a smorgasbord of benefits for the body, mind and soul. While it can be hard to ignore the devil on your shoulder telling you why you shouldn’t work out, we’re the angels here to tell you why exercise can make you feel happier.

Exercise is not all about getting those cheese-grater abs — it’s about moving your body in a way that feels good for you. Beyond improving your physical health, let’s take a look at the top reasons why regular exercise will make you feel happy and healthy.

1. It Gives You Feel-Good Endorphins

When we think about physical health and exercise, it’s easy to get swept up in the mentality of ‘no pain, no gain’. But working out can do just the opposite.

When your body engages in physical activity, like going for a run or hitting up your local fitness club for a group session, your body releases chemicals known as endorphins.

Endorphins interact with brain receptors to reduce the sensation of pain and give a euphoric feeling. So much so that you may even get hooked to that post-exercise high and begin to crave it.

2. It Can Help You Say Sayonara to Stress

Exercise is an excellent tool for managing stress. In a hyper-connected world, it’s a powerful thing to channel your focus on a single task, clear the mind and let your stress melt away. 

As an instant mood-booster, it’s also proven to help improve your sleep, ease stress levels and even have greater control over feelings of anxiety or depression.

3. It Gives You Great Self-Confidence

Regular exercise can have a domino effect. By bettering your physical health, this can help you feel better in your own skin. Rather than obsessing over a number on the scales, we encourage Virgin Active members to think about exercising as a holistic approach to look and feel better. 

Harmonising high-intensity aerobic exercise with yoga and meditation can bring balance to your life. It can even have great kick-on benefits to your self-confidence and positive mental health.

Check out our article on How to Find Balance During Your Week to see how you may find your yin and yang in the gym.

4. It Can Create Community and Comradery 

The saying ‘there’s strength in numbers’ may be on the money when it comes to working out with others. Group exercise classes are a great way to create a sense of community and to keep everyone accountable for showing up themselves.

A study by the Journal of Social Sciences found that people are influenced by the exercise behaviours of those around them — so group exercise can be a powerful motivator.

Working out in a group can also make the experience fun, social and make it easier to establish a fitness routine.

5. It Can Be Done on Your Terms 

With no shortage of exercise options, the ball is in your court for how you like to do it. Shaking things up and keeping things interesting may be the sure-fire way to keep you motivated, while others may crave that sense of routine and consistency.

Whether you prefer full rein of the gym to workout the way you like, group classes or a mixture of both, the options are limitless with Virgin Active.

Book your free, no-obligation Virgin Active tour today to find a fitness journey that’ll bring a smile to your face.

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