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Ultimate Kinesis + Cable Workout

by Demi Bogg on Thursday 22 November 2018

Adding a new move, routine or piece of equipment is a great way to mix your training up and forces your body to adapt, move and grow in different ways. The versatility of a cable rig allows you to attack all planes of motion with one piece of equipment. 

In under 30 minutes and just 6 exercises you can achieve a full body workout. All whilst lengthening and toning stubborn areas, improving dynamic stability and balance, increasing that heart rate, and strength training in a safe controlled environment. 

Warm up with 500 metres rowing (aim for under 3 minutes at 60-70% of your maximum effort) and a series of dynamic stretches.  

1. Hip Hinge / Deadlift  (15 reps each side, medium resistance) 
Stand tall with feet hip-width, shoulders back and down and engaging your core. Hinge backwards at your hips until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings, brace core and stand tall. 

2. Pull to push (10 reps each side, medium resistance)

Facing the Kenisis and using opposite arm to leg, pull elbow close to your body, pivot to centre, switch hands and push with front knee tracking over toe, shoulders stacked over hips. 

3. Reverse Lunge into Balance Row (10 reps each side, light resistance)

Extend opposite arm to leg, keeping elbow close and shoulders back and down, step backwards into lunge. Stand tall and row pulling back with arm keeping elbow close. Complete 10 reps before switching to opposite leg. 

4. Squat and Press (20 reps, medium resistance) 

With feet hip-width apart, hold handle underneath chin, bend keeping knees over toes and bottom back and down. Extend and press above your head keeping shoulders down. 

5. Wall Sit with Lat Pull Down  (15 reps, medium resistance)
With your back flush against the wall, lower into a squat keeping knees over toes. Pull elbows from a high V to W. Squeeze your back muscles and extend arms keeping shoulders down. 

6. Supermans (20 reps each side) 

Kneeling on all-fours, extend opposite arm and leg long while keeping spine neutral. Bring elbow to knee and extend. Complete 10 reps on one side and alternate. 

Rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat

Cool down with 10 - 15 minutes of steady state cardio at 60-70% of your maximum effort, followed by a series of static stretches (hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds).

Rest and hydrate! 

Demi is a personal trainer at Virgin Active Frenchs Forest with a strong passion for nutrition, dancing, health science, weight-loss, Muscle Endurance, HITT, and getting the body moving functionally.

Follow Demi on Instagram @movedembods 

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