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Ana’s bikini body workout

by Ana Andrepoulos on Thursday 14 June 2018

Develop toned legs, gluteus, abs and shoulders using those 6 effective movements using barbell, kettlebells and dumbbells that will give your body and your confidence a boost! Don’t forget to follow a balanced nutrition plan so you can get the best results. 

Allow yourself 10 minutes to warm up through foam rolling, dynamic stretches and muscle activation before starting the workout!

12x Deficit wide squats and upright rows 
Stand tall on two steps with chest open and shoulders back and engaged. Holding a kettle bell, squat keeping your body as upright as possible and lower back in neutral spine. Let the kettle bell drop slightly lower than step level. Straighten your legs and lift kettle bell to chest with arms in wide V shape.

15x Wide stance barbell deadlifts
Stand with legs wider than hips and toes slightly outwards, shoulders back and eyes facing forward. Bend from the hips, bending the knee slightly and keep arms between legs to grip barbell. Squeeze glutes to lift, keeping the bar close to your legs.

10x side lunges with shoulder side raises
Keeping your left leg stable, take a wide step to your right and bend right knee while raising right arm to shoulder level. Return using power from glutes. Repeat on alternate side. 

24x alternate walking lunges holding plate
Hold a plate upright and lunge forward with one leg dropping back knee. Bring your feet back together keeping arms as straight as possible by activating upper back muscles. 

15x heel-elevated close stance squats
Stand with your heels on two plates, legs hip distance apart. Hold a dumbbell infront of your chest, keeping core embraced and shoulders back. Squat and hold for 3 seconds at the bottom, knee following the line of your second toe. Squeeze glutes to come up. 

20x hanging leg raises - 10 doubles and 10 singles
Hang from a horizontal bar keeping your shoulders away from your ears. Exhale lifting your knees towards chest, inhale to straighten. 

Ana Andrepoulos is a Personal Trainer at Virgin Active Moore Park. Follow her on Instagram @ana_fit_pt 

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