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How to become a winter warrior, not a winter worrier.

by Josh Wakerman on Friday 1 June 2018


Ah, the Winter months….where the temptation to take a break from your exercise routine and take up a permanent position on the couch is upon us! A time when the temperature drops and so does our motivation to go for that run, or get to the gym.

But we must fight back!

We must turn our backs on this mighty temptation and continue to be the active, healthy human beings we are during the warmer months.

We know, it’s easier said than done.

And that’s why we’ve put together 5 few ways you can keep motivated when it’s cold outside.

1.      Get some winter workout gear.

Yes, it’s now acceptable to wear skins. You know you want to. Although they don’t necessarily make you ‘warmer’ that extra layer over your skin can act as that placebo that gets you to your workout. And yes, there are actual ‘muscular’ benefits to wearing skins, but that’s another story for another time.

While we’re talking about gear, make sure you also get a pre and post workout jacket to shield yourself whilst getting to and from your workout. 
And now that you’ve spent your hard-earned on some new gear, you simply have to get to the gym or go on that run, otherwise the guilt will get you!

2.      Switch the outdoors for indoors

Ok, we get it. You love to run or be part of that boot camp at your local park. However, winter gives you a chance to mix it up a bit and freshen up your training for a couple of months.

Why not trade that run for a HIIT class, where you’ll really get that heart rate up over a challenging 40min class? 

Not a fan of the gym? Here’s a question: when was the last time you were actually IN a gym? Today, most gyms offer personalised training and a wide range of classes. It’s not just beefed – up guys standing in front of a mirror (although this species does still exist in the wild!).

3.      Find a workout buddy and be accountable

The best way to keep turning up to your workout – even when the rain is dumping down outside – is to be accountable to someone. That’s right, if your trainer, or better still your friend, is waiting for you at that 6am sessions, then I guarantee you’ll find yourself shooting out of bed when that alarm goes off and landing in your workout sneakers sitting across the other side of the room.

So get a workout buddy for winter -  it’s all the motivation you’ll need.

4.      Think about the beach

Say what? Yeah, we said it. When it’s freezing outside, and you think you can’t get out of bed, think about the beach. 
Because that’s where’ll you’ll be in 5 months from now and you know you want to look and feel great on the beach, right?
So set a goal, hashtag search your dream tropical getaway, do whatever it takes - but don’t regret wasting the winter months when summer rolls around.

5.      Take on a challenge

Now this is a good one. Take on a challenge and you’ll have something to work towards. What kind of challenge? Thankfully you’ve got a few kinds to choose from. It might be an event like Tough Mudder (or any other obstacle course) or your city’s half-marathon or triathlon…once you enter an event you’ll have a clear goal to achieve and a set amount of time to do it. Nothing motivates quite like a tough event on the horizon.

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