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We need to talk about Plogging.

by Josh Wakerman on Monday 14 May 2018


It’s not a typo.  And no, we don’t mean blogging or flogging, however, we do mean a kind of type of jogging. 

Wait, what?  

Ok, an explanation is surely due. So let’s talk about Plogging – the latest craze that’s good for you AND the world around you.

A Swedish phenomenon born in 2016, Plogging essentially combines jogging with picking up rubbish, all while turning it into a bit of a social (and social media!) event. 

Simply combine the word 'jogging' with the Swedish term 'plocka upp', which means to pick up, and there you have it – Plogging.  

Now just two years after its inception, this cooky Swedish craze is taking over the world with Ploggers now roaming parks and streets in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Indonesia and Turkey. 

And now, Plogging has hit our shores as well.  

Mr Atkinson, a keen jogger who simply had enough of seeing rubbish everywhere after moving to Footscray last December, started binning it and eventually got others involved. On March 4, Clean Up Australia Day, the first gathering of the Footscray Rubbish Runners hit the streets and filled 11 bags to the brim. 

One thing we definitely know about Plogging is that those taking part have been posting their exploits on social media, sharing images of themselves in full activewear and a garbage bag bursting at the seams.

Seizing the current appetite for ethical living and #selfieworthy fitness, plogging is as 'of the moment' as trends come, with advocates urging their followers to "save our oceans, our Earth - one plastic bag at a time!". 

After first appearing on Instagram back in 2016, plogging is now gaining real widespread popularity, with plogging groups emerging around the globe and 'ploggers' taking to social media to spread environmental awareness.

However it’s not simply a social media thing.  

Plogging also comes with some serious health benefits. According to data from the fitness app Lifesum, one hour of plogging burns 288 calories on average compared to 235 calories on average for plain old jogging. So you’re not only doing good for the environment, but for your good ol’ self as well. 

Now, we know what some of you are thinking. You’re a bit suss, right? You’re thinking that this isn’t really a workout. 


Plogging is definitely not a rubbish way to get fit. 

Picking up garbage requires technique. Seriously. That’s why keen Ploggers mimic the actions of a squat, deadlift and burpee as you run and reach down to gather trash. 

So have you got what it takes to be a Plogger?

Australia needs more Ploggers to clean our country and get fit at the same time.

So get your runners on, grab a garbage bag, and hit the streets.

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