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Grab your BFF or BAE and tone up together with these great couple exercises

by Tali Samoylenko on Wednesday 29 November 2017


When you’re exhausted after work, the last thing you might want to do is head to the gym on your lonesome. Solution? Grab a partner and get sweating together!

Working out in pairs has been shown to increase motivation and consistency – you’re held accountable to your routine as well as your plans to hit the gym in the first place. That means you’re less likely to cancel on your buddy and less likely to take too many breaks during your workout. 

Plus, when you’re having a great time and pushing your partner to do better, how could you not smash your reps?  

Whether it’s your bestie, your beloved bae or a dedicated gym buddy, we guarantee that these exercises will make for an awesome time and a killer workout too. 

Russian twist with a twist

Not a fan of awkward eye contact? This one’s for you.

Seated on the floor with legs and torso in a V position and a tall extended spine, get close enough so that your shoulder blades touch. If you’re a beginner, plant your feet on the floor, and if you’re more advanced, raise your legs into tabletop (shins parallel with the floor). 

Now grab a medicine ball, place your arms at a right angle and pass it behind you to your buddy. Ensure not to over-extend moving the ball to your partner and that you meet at halfway.

Aim for 3 sets of 20 – 30 reps depending on the weight of your ball. 

Plank high-fives

For those who like it intimate.

Get face-to-face in a fully extended push-up position with your weight evenly distributed on your palms and toes. Keep your back straight, hips in line with your back and activate your core to keep postural integrity. 

Maintaining your body weight on three limbs, reach out a high-five your partner with opposite arms and alternate.  

Aim for 5-10 reps on each side. 

If this one is a little tough, drop to your elbows and opt for a traditional plank hold challenge. Best of three. Dinner is on the first to drop.   

Leg raise throw-downs  

Or as we like to call this one, ‘tough love’.

Lying down on your back, place your head between the feet of your standing partner and hold onto their ankles. Swing your legs up as you would during a regular leg raise, remembering it's ok to have bent knees.

Your buddy will catch your feet and push them back down – it’s up to you to make sure your feet don’t touch the ground and remember to keep your lower back in imprint (flat against the mat). This provides resistance and forces you to work your core. 

Swing your feet back up ensuring your lower back is pressed into the floor.

Most people last for about 10 reps before their abs start screaming; see how many you can do!  

When you’re throwing down your partner’s legs, use enough force to make this exercise challenging, but not too much that you injure them. Do that and we’re not sure they’ll be coming back to work out with you...  

Try a class! 

Not in the mood to think up a routine? Hit up one of our classes with your bestie and get sweating! The Grid HIIT classes can burn up to 600 calories! They’re so tough, you’ll be thankful you brought along some moral support. 

When you’re done, you can hit the pool for a cool down and a spa sesh where you can chill out and catch up.

Want to work out with a mate who doesn’t have a membership with us yet? No sweat! You can invite a friend for one free session at Virgin Active via mylocker! We’d love to meet them.  

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