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Build buns of steel with this booty-busting workout

by Adele Rogers on Tuesday 13 December 2016

When it comes to your butt, your workout needs to include a variety of movements that hit your glutes from multiple angles. 

The way your glutes are arranged, you can feel like you’re working them, when in actual fact your quads and hamstrings are kicking-in and stealing most of the action. Those brutes.  

You've got your traditional squat, deadlift and lunge - but to really challenge this devious muscle group and successfully tighten the tush, the best practice is to mix things up!  

Vanessa Leone is the creator of Virgin Active’s ridiculously successful butt-busting class Bottoms Up, and she has let us in on some of her favourite exercises that stand to put the basic squat out of business.    

Split Squat
Using a step, take a wide stance with your back foot raised. Keep your dumbbell close infront of you, and sink your back knee as low to the ground as you can, keeping your chest tall.

Straight-leg Deadlift
Counter-balance your back leg with your dumbbell. Roll your shoulders back, keep knees soft, and trace the dumbbell down your leg until you feel a nice stretch down your hamstring. Repeat on the opposite leg.


Curtsy Lunge
Hold a dumbell chest height. Without rotating your hips, alternate reverse lunges, keeping your hips straight, and try to get your back knee to the ground. 

FreeFORM Board Side-lunge
Rest your foot on the board and hold a dumbell on the same side. Keeping your chest tall, push back into opposite hip keeping your knee in line with your toes and the leg on the board as straight as possible.  

FreeFORM Board Rotating Glute Bridge
Raise your hips as high as possible with one leg supported on a step. Keep your opposite food on the board relaxed, and slide it through the gap. Try not to let your hip drop as you rotate.

Vanessa Leone is a Personal Trainer at Virgin Active Moore Park. Vanessa's philosophy: 'It’s not about the way you look, it’s about the way you live'. Check her out on Instagram @vlmovementtherapist 

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