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Ever wondered what your Personal Trainer is really thinking?

by Adele Rogers on Friday 30 September 2016

Few people get to see you in a more vulnerable state than your personal trainer.  

There's this perfect person, looking down on you smiling, while you suffer through one more rep. In this moment, you’re struggling to think of a person you hate more.   

Personal trainers are generally viewed to be the perfect ideal of fitness. A simple #fitspo Instagram search will return you a bevy of ‘perfect’ humans. And sure, while some trainers are super confident Adonis types – that’s certainly not typical of them all.

Sceptical? So were we. So we asked a handful of trainers what they are really thinking on the job, and here’s the truth:  

When giving training advice
‘Are you listening to me, or the music?’

When training someone super fit
‘I’m freaking loving life! This is where all my skills come out, and where I am the most challenged. We can use any equipment and do some crazy workouts! Also, I want to see how I compare to you!’

When training someone super unfit
‘If you’re motivated - hell yes! I believe in you! Come on! And for the love of god, commit!’

When training yourself
‘I hate my life. I wish people knew PTs don’t always love training. It sucks. But I need to go hard so I actually look like a PT.’

When giving nutrition advice
‘I feel like a hypocrite, and I bet you’ll stop for pizza on the way home too.’

When training someone with bad technique
‘Let’s find something you’re good at so you still feel great and positive at the end of your session.’
When training someone overweight
‘I seriously admire you and your courage for coming in. In my eyes, you’re the strongest person here!’

Best excuse you’ve heard from a client who cancels
‘I’m still drunk.’

When a serial canceller turns up to a 6am session
‘I’m buying a lotto ticket.’

When you've got the day off
‘Netflix. Chill. Wine. Ben & Jerry's. Sleep.’ 

So there you have it. Thankfully, we’re all human after all.

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