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Is this the reason you're not achieving your health and fitness goals?

by Aidan D’Arcy on Friday 23 September 2016

‘This is it’ you say, as you set another fitness goal. 

‘I'm going to lose a minimum of 1kg per week. I’m going to fit into my jeans again. This is my time. It’s going to happen.’ 

You post on social media to using the hashtags #cleaneating #motivated #igotthis #fitness to show your commitment.   

You focus so hard on achieving those goals.  
A week passes by. You jump on the scales. But nothing has changed.

You're frustrated that you put in so much effort, but you didn't see results, and soon enough you're back to square one.  Unhappy, uncomfortable, and not to mention, hoping nobody asks about your motivational Facebook goal setting!

So, where on earth did it all go wrong?

You could be focusing on the wrong type of goal!

Outcome Goals vs Behaviour Goals

Outcome goals are the main outcomes or objectives that we hope to accomplish. For example, setting a goal of ‘losing 1kg per week’ is an OUTCOME goal.  This is directly OUT of our control.  We cannot control EXACTLY what the scales say. An outcome goal is the end result of a series of other things you have to do.

Now, there's nothing wrong with setting those goals. In fact, they do help to give us direction - but they shouldn't be the main focus.  When you go on a road trip, do you focus on the destination, or do you focus on HOW you're going to get there in the first place?

To create a sustainable goal, we must focus on the process that creates the outcome.

Behaviour goals are the steps you need to take to achieve your outcome goal.  For example, if your OUTCOME goal is ‘I want to fit into my size 12 jeans by summer’ or ‘I want to lose 10kg in 10 weeks,’ you could set behavioural goals such as:

‘I commit to exercising at least 1 hour per day for the next 10 weeks’.

‘I commit to reducing my caloric intake by 500 cals per day for the next ten weeks’.

‘I commit to recording a food diary for a minimum of 2 x week days and 1 x weekend for the next 10 weeks’.

See the difference?

You can directly control a behaviour goal.  It's just up to you to commit to that behaviour.

Aidan D’Arcy is a Personal Trainer at Virgin Active Frenchs Forest. His focus is getting clients in the best shape possible through motivation, inspiration, passion and keeping them accountable. Aidan’s philosophy: success is the sum of the small things, done well.

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