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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the Movers (and the Shakers)

by Rachel Black on Wednesday 5 December 2018



Nothing inspires us to get active in the new year more than the complete overindulgence that is Christmas. But some of us need that little bit more to get us over the line…

This Christmas give your family, friends or partners that extra incentive to get moving and get fit in 2019, with a Christmas present that will send them running (literally) into the new year.
Whether you’re buying for the already fit and fabulous, or those that need a little more inspiration, here’s a few gift ideas to get your nearest and dearest moving.


Contrary to the popular phrase “all the gear, no idea”, getting new sporting apparel can definitely give you a burst of motivation (ideas) when it comes to getting active.
You can lavish our ideas below upon your loved ones either as singular gifts OR as one big bounty inside that awesome new gym bag you just bought your brother/sister/mother/partner:

•    Gym bag - tick!
•    Top to toe kit - from new gym/yoga tights, to shorts, tanks, jackets and hats, there’s nothing better than a new set of active wear to make you feel like you actually want to sweat (and look good doing it).
•    Headphones - you can’t go past good beats while you’re exercising.
•    Skipping rope - get that heart pumping!
•    Massage balls - for any areas that might need a little ironing out after a sweat session.
•    A reusable eco-friendly water bottle - stay hydrated AND help the planet.


This is where the real gear comes in…
•    Fitness tracker -  these can get us excited about tracking our fitness and testing ourselves
•    Yoga mat with carrier - so you can bring it ANYWHERE (no excuses)!
•    Bike - the best form of transport and an awesome way to explore
•    Boxing gear - get inspired to hit those boxing classes
•    Weights - so you can lift anytime, anywhere!
•    GoPro camera - what’s better than recording your sporting feats (especially the epic outdoor adventure ones!) and being able to show your mates later on


Want to motivate a family member to get back into being active? Why not gift them with an autobiography of a sporting great. This doesn’t mean they will (or should) become an elite athlete, but there are some amazing stories out there that can inspire us to pick up the old tennis racket or football and get back out there with renewed vigour!



Some of us need a little more inspiration to get moving, so a gift that doubles as an active experience is always a winner… 

•    Surf lessons - there’s nothing more exhilarating than being in the ocean riding waves (or attempting to)
•    Dance classes - these are FUN and make you SWEAT! Perfect for you and your best girlfriend to get into. You will undoubtedly become Beyonce.
•    Get active AND get out of the city with a weekend away - put that snorkel gift you gave your partner to good use and get yourselves coastal for a snorkelling holiday or away on a hiking weekend in the mountains. Australia has some of the most amazing and unique nature in the world, get out there and get exploring (and bring the GoPro)!


With all this moving they’ll be doing in the new year, it’s also important for your loved ones to be able to wind down. Gift them a relaxing spa treatment to reinvigorate them after a sweaty session.
And if you want to wrap all of this up together, give the ultimate Gift of Feelgood Fitness with a 3 week membership to Virgin Active and a PT session for $150. From gym classes, to yoga & pilates, from indoor rock climbing to spa and sauna facilities, we have every imaginable way to get you (and your loved ones) moving. 
So here’s to an epic Christmas with all of our family and friends, and even better (and sweatier) 2019!

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