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5 sports to try this summer

by Tom Halpin on Sunday 2 December 2018



Summer is just around the corner and the warm weather, long days, and Christmas holidays are almost upon us. So, it’s time to emerge from your winter cave and get active! Whether you want to make the most of Australia’s beaches or prepare your backyard for a summer of cricket – it could be about time you try a new sport.

To get your motivations skyrocketing, here are 5 sports to try this summer.  


No need to reinvent the wheel here; Aussies love to swim. And we’re pretty damn good at it too. So, what are you waiting for? Get out the budgie smugglers and start hitting the pool, morning or night.

Tired of the pool? Ocean swimming is a whole new kettle of fish. In fact, a 68kg person will burn 400 calories during an hour-long swim at a moderate pace, and 700 calories at a vigorous pace. Be mindful that ocean conditions, such as currents, wind, and tides can tire out even the most accomplished swimmer. So, if you’ve been quite sedentary over winter, your fitness levels mightn’t be where they were last time you were in the water. That being said, swimming in the ocean can be a great workout.



Do you think ultimate frisbee is a nerdy sport for high schoolers and college students? Think again. Ultimate frisbee is cool! It’s a simple, 7 on 7 game played in a rectangle. The goal is to get the frisbee into the oppositions ‘N-Zone’. It’s a strategic game – there are plays and strategies certain teams will adopt
to get it over the line. What sets it apart is that it’s a competitive, non-contact team sport, played in good
spirit. With no referee, it places responsibility for fair play on every player – often referred to as the ‘spirit of the game.’ Recently recognised by the International Olympic Committee, it’s a sport that’s growing in popularity.


Climbing, whether it be indoor or outdoor, is not for the faint of heart. It’s a physically and mentally demanding sport that’ll get the blood pumping. Testing your strength, endurance, agility, balance and mental control – pushes you to the edge of your comfort zone. This one couldn’t be recommended more highly!



Haven’t heard of it before? It sits somewhere between touch rugby and American Football. Players wear velcro tags attached to their hips and the objective of the game is to score a try – whilst stopping your opponent from scoring. To stop tries, defenders “tag” the ball carrier (remove the tag from their shorts). Played by more than 50,000 players Australia-wide, Oztag is a sport that’s growing in popularity by the day.

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