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Connect with what's important these holidays

by Rachel Black on Tuesday 27 November 2018


It’s been a big year, it’s time to let your hair down! But sometimes in the whirlwind of Christmas fever we forget about what’s important. In this digital age we are living in a constant state of connectivity without really connecting at all - we need to DISCONNECT to RECONNECT. 

Check out how you can make this Christmas the most fruitful one yet simply by reconnecting with what’s important. 


Whilst celebrating the year you’ve had, it’s also important to reflect on it. Count the positives, herald your achievements (big or small) and congratulate yourself on getting through another year alive! Wipe the slate clean and set some new (and achievable) goals for the year ahead. Make sure there are some fun ones thrown in there too, new adventures await you! 

Reconnect with yourself through meditation. In what can sometimes be a blur of Christmas engagements, meditation will give you a small window of time that is 100% for you. If meditation is already part of your normal routine, then try not to let it slip over the silly season. 20 minutes daily will help keep your body and mind rested, recharged and ready to give 150% at the myriad of Christmas parties and catch ups you’ve committed to!


Spending time in nature has proven health benefits; it’s calming plus mood and energy enhancing. The festive season can be hectic, we need as many calming, stabilising influences as possible, but how can we fit this into our busy schedule?

Go outside - Have a morning cup of tea in the sun before your day kicks off, a walk to the shops to get last minute presents, a cycle to the beach or a hike up a hill -  just get. out. doors. 

Take your shoes off - in the backyard, at the park, at the beach. Really feel the ground beneath your feet - there’s no better way to connect to nature than to feel it.

Breathe - with all the hustle and bustle of life we often forget to breathe. Seriously, we do. Get into nature and breathe in the green! Take time to listen to the gentle buzz of all the tiny living things around you that we rarely take time to appreciate. 

And if you really want to go all out, embrace your inner hippy and hug a tree - you might feel silly but you won’t regret it!


Human connectivity is at the core of our wellbeing and is proven to improve our physical and psychological health. Make the most of your time spent with family and friends over the Christmas season. Put your devices away, get off social media and get fully involved (and help your Mum in the kitchen)! 

Unfortunately there are many people around us that are not so fortunate and are lacking in human connection. So make Christmas a time to connect not only with the people that you already know, but also those that may be in need of a bit of kindness.

What can you do?

Go with your Grandma to visit one of her old friends who doesn’t have family, or invite them to your Christmas lunch. 

Gather your brother, sister, aunty, cousins and volunteer at a soup kitchen for the homeless. Preparing and serving food with love to the most vulnerable members of our community brings joy not only to them, but to yourself. 

Take your little cousins and visit a nursing home, bring a few small presents and have a chat with some of the residents.

These simple acts of kindness may not seem like much to you, but can mean the world to someone else, especially during the holidays. 

So these holidays make an effort to disconnect in order to reconnect with the things that are good for you - nature, the people around you and most importantly, yourself. It’s guaranteed to fill your heart and make you happier than any Christmas present ever could!

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