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5 motivational podcasts to give you a boost

by Marion Piper on Tuesday 28 August 2018


If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve experienced a dip in motivation at some point in your life. From trying to find the sheer will to get out of bed and go for that morning run, to staying focused on that 45-page report at work, motivation is often a sneaky beast to find. 

But never fear! We’re here to be your cheerleader and help you with some inspiring and useful podcasts to accompany you on your journey to life and fitness success. The best part? They’re all free to download onto your phone, so you can get from A to B while learning something new and without having to pay a cent. 

1. The School of Greatness

This podcast is hosted by athlete and lifestyle entrepreneur Lewis Howes, taking on the role of part interviewer, part life coach. The School of Greatness gives you an insight into some of the most motivated minds on the planet, like Maria Sharapova and Dan Millman. This podcast is great if you’ve some big goals and are looking to fine tune your approach to life. 

2. Goal Digger

Jenna Kutcher knows goals – and she also knows business. Her podcast, Goal Digger, allows you train with the experts in a workshop style format to help tackle your biggest dreams and goals. Targeted at women, there’s so much to learn from Jenna and her guests about how to run a successful business and be an amazing #GirlBoss. 

3. The Marie Forleo Podcast

Creative, funny and a brilliant interviewer, Marie Forleo wants to help you build the kind of life you really want to live. She speaks to a wide range of guests, including writers, psychologists, scientists and business owners. Her hugely successful YouTube show, Marie TV, is great for when you want to watch something but might not necessarily want to binge on Netflix.   

4. Hurdle

For those moments when you’re truly out of motivation, press play on Hurdle. Personal trainer and writer Emily Abbate chats to people who’ve used fitness to get through a rough patch in their lives. What’s great about Hurdle is that Emily’s guests aren’t all athletes – they’re chefs, CEOs, writers and more.  

5. The Nutrition Diva

On the path to reaching your goals, it can be helpful to make sure you’re giving yourself the right fuel. The Nutrition Diva sees dietitian Monica Reinagel cover a stack of topics related to nutrition – like food trends and new research – giving you a taste of the different ways you can shift your body towards better health. Each episode is only 10 minutes long too, perfect for a coffee break at work or the drive to pick up the kids from school. 

You can download these podcasts where all good podcasts are available. 

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