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How to Burn 100,000 Velocity Points

by Alasdair McClintock on Tuesday 17 July 2018


Picture this, you’ve been working hard at the gym and decide you want to share a video of yourself with family and friends on social media, you chuck on a hashtag and next thing you know you’ve got 100,000 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points to burn, completely as you please.  

It sounds too good to be true. But it’s not!

Virgin Active are awarding 100,000 Velocity Points, every week until 29 July 2018, to a Virgin Active member who has visited a Virgin Active club 3 or more times that week and shared one photo or video of how they are upgrading their body, mind or goals with Virgin Active – using the hashtag #UpgradeWithVirginActive. 

Make no mistake, 100,000 Velocity Points is no small number. This isn’t one of those things that when you actually look into it, it turns out to be all smoke and no fire. 

So, if you’re lucky enough to win, here are some fine ways to burn through them all and spoil yourself:

Shopping Spree 

No one would blame you if you wanted to show off your upgraded bod in some fancy new threads.

If you have a mad desire to go on a guilt-free shopping spree, with no clear plan (who doesn’t?) offer a huge range from brands including 2XU, Skins, Lorna Jane, New Balance and Puma, with free shipping on orders over $50. 

Or perhaps you need some brand new fitness tech to help track your journey? Well, 18,173 Velocity Points will get you a Fitbit Flex 2.

Hey, you could have five of those with Points to spare!  

A Weekend in Another City

You might end up blowing them all at once, but hey, life is meant to be lived! With 100,000 Points, you can fly between any of the east coast capitals, book a hotel and still have a few to spare to renew your wardrobe. Fly Melbourne to Sydney return for 15,600 Points (plus $46.78 taxes, carriage charges and fees)2.

You could even bring a friend! Although they might eat into your wardrobe budget, at least you won’t be alone. We’ll let you decide which is more important.  

Bail to Bali

For 44,600 Points (plus $143.68 taxes, carriage charges and fees)2, you can get a return Economy ticket to beautiful Bali from Sydney. Spend a bit of time digging through the myriad of options available through Velocity Hotels and you may even be able to drag your Points out over a full week’s accommodation3.

Terima Kasih! 

Fly to L.A. and Back

Yep, you read that correctly. A return Economy trip to Los Angeles will cost you 89,600 Points (plus $158.26 taxes, carriage charges and fees) from Sydney or 89,600 Points (plus $199.92 taxes, carriage charges and fees) from Melbourne2.

Hit the Road

Don’t like flying? Why not go on a road trip with friends, your shout? You can hire a car with Europcar and they will let you pay for the base cost of your hire in Velocity Points4. Keep an eye out for BP Service Centres along the way, as you can use your points Points to fill up on fuel5. Velocity Hotels have plenty of options in Australia too.

Hit the road, Jack! 

You can check out the full details and competition terms and conditions here. Good luck!

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