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Makeup during a workout – wipe it on or wipe it off?

by Tali Samoylenko on Friday 18 May 2018


Let’s set the scene. You’re at the gym, smashing out some reps to the pounding of the workout beats in your ears. You’re feeling alive! That is… Until you notice the blotches of makeup-infused sweat on the mat beneath you.

No biggie, you can clean it up later of course, but is wearing makeup to the gym okay for your skin? Are you going to break out? Should you take it off before you unleash the sweaty floodgates within?  

We’re sorry to inform you that, yes, if you love wearing your makeup to the gym, your skin is probably seething at you for it.


Well, when you perspire, your pores open up to release sweat. If you’ve got makeup on, it mixes with oil, dirt and delicious bacteria, clogging your pores and preventing them from doing their job. That means a higher likelihood of breaking out in lousy, painful zits, irritation and blackheads.


Basically, whenever you wear makeup to the gym, you’re inviting the pimple party along for the ride!  

What about sweat-proof makeup? 

Nope. No matter what kind of makeup you use, it still slips off your skin and mixes with acne-inducing oil and bacteria.

But, there are better options if you really can’t bear exercising bare-faced. Try swapping your regular foundation with a lighter version or a BB-cream. Another alternative is to just wear a bit of eye makeup – it’ll free up your precious pores without making you feel completely naked.  

When you do choose to wear makeup to the gym, try classes that don’t work up as much of a sweat, like some relaxing yoga or meditation. Then, when you’ve got to get serious (we’re talking head down, pony-tail up stuff), make sure you’ve got some makeup wipes on hand to free up your skin and let it breathe. 

If you’re adamant about wearing makeup to the gym, make sure you cleanse and exfoliate your skin right after. This will not only get rid of the nasties on the surface of your skin, but also within your pores. 

All this talk about getting sweaty is making us antsy! Whether or not you choose to wear makeup to the gym, we always welcome a killer workout! Come down to one of our venues and sweat it out with us! 

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