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Is 2018 the year for developing a more holistic understanding of health?

by Emma Edwards on Friday 16 February 2018


The past five years have seen health, fitness and overall wellness shift from a passion of 'woo woo' yogis to the everyday human. While we've always been conscious of our health, taking action towards bettering ourselves has become commonplace in our daily lives. Weight loss and strict fitness regimes sprung into popularity initially, but in more recent years we've experienced a heavier focus on overall wellness - aligning our mind, body and soul to achieve a state of true wellbeing. Basically, we're not just donning the active wear - we're actually getting active.

2018 is set to be a game-changing year for the wellness movement. Spreading further and wider than ever before, even the late adopters are set to hop aboard. A holistic approach to health will be the focus, going hand-in-hand with self-improvement. Here's how.

The way we eat


As healthy fats are embraced as the key to a healthy body and the dangers of animal products become better understood, the prevalence of plant-based eating will continue to gain popularity. The quality of the food we consume is also expected to be a priority. Rather than opting for low calorie, chemical-clad fads, we'll be reaching for organic wholefoods that nourish every part of us. Healthy eating will become more and more accessible, as plant-based options continue to pop up at some of the world's biggest food chains. Eating for fuel is the aim of the game, with deprivation and aesthetic-based goals taking a back seat.  

The way we think

Mental health has quickly garnered respect as one of the most important elements of overall wellness. 2018 will see more workplaces embracing the importance of employee mental health, and emphasising the need for a reduction in screen time to avoid digital burnout.  

Better support for those suffering with mental health struggles will prevail, and further reductions in the stigma of 'not being ok' is expected to ease the pressure, guiding us into a more accepting world.  

The way we feel


Previously a hallmark of those with popping abs, bulging quads and minimal body fat, health will further shift to a feeling rather than a look. There's a good reason why the 'strong not skinny' mantra has gained an impressive following that isn't going anywhere. Health as a way of life and as a feeling will be the focus for 2018, with a long-term approach to healthy living rather than short-term, goal-based regimes. Think more functional training sessions that build strength and physical integrity for everyday life and small, achievable milestones that train our minds and bodies to work in harmony for years to come. Contentment is what we're striving for this year, no matter what shape or size.

Get yourself on the right track to wellbeing - chat to us today! We'd love to empower you with premium facilities and classes that will take your health to the next level.  

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