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Five ways to keep that holiday feeling

by Joseph Cummings on Tuesday 2 January 2018


Dealing with your first day back in the office is a daunting task, and even if you've been back a while it can be hard to stop the holiday glow from fading.

Australians like to make the most of their summer holidays. The sun, sand and surf also mean we understand better than most the pains of coming back to the office.  

Escaping the office for an elongated break is great for a bit of a reset. When you return you will be able to maintain your intensity, find yourself thinking more creatively and keeping up your happiness levels. 

So as the back-to-school blues start to creep in, how can you keep that summer holiday vibe for longer? 

Turn off from technology

A sure fire way to ruin your holiday mood is to check your phone or emails. In fact, a third of us will regret taking it away in the first place. The same can be said by constantly checking for emails when you should be relaxing. 

“You would not believe the number of students who bring their phones to class,” says yoga teacher Sarah Brill, “and put it face up on the side of the matt.”

Sarah says it’s one of the biggest barriers to actually relaxing after work. Try to limit checking your phone and emails outside of work, and set some time aside each week where you employ a strict no phone policy – like a yoga class.

Get back into an exercise routine

By far the quickest and most effective way to reclaim some positivity about being back to work is getting back into an exercise routine.

It doesn’t have to be super intense, that can have an adverse effect, but keeping it simple with swimming, pilates or even a long walk three times a week will decrease your levels or cortisol and let you take your boost back to your desk. 

Dedicate some time and stick to it. At the beginning of each week write down when you intend to exercise. Of course, life will always get in the way of somethings but holding yourself accountable – and making sure your focus isn’t taken away – means you can concentrate on making you feel better.

Don’t try and force it

That zen state doesn’t come easy and if you find that you’re forcing relax, you’re bound to be disappointed.

“We’re not practiced gurus sitting on the mountain top,” says Sarah, “you are going to have those distracting thoughts and you shouldn’t deny them.”

It's more that when they do pop into your head you don’t dwell on them. Sarah describes one of the ways to really relax is to imagine as if you are laying watching the sky. Each thought is a cloud, and as your mind clears you will see more and more blue sky. 

Get away from your desk

Similar to getting into an exercise routine, make time to get up from your desk and move around – maybe even get some fresh air once in a while.

Take mini-break to somewhere green on your lunch break and you will lower the amount of stress hormone in your body, sharpen your thinking and coax more creativity.

The hit of oxygen fresh air and simply not looking at your screen for 9 consecutive hours will bring about an away from work smile and take you back to the beach.

Do yoga

Yoga is a bona fide life hack if you want to feel a million miles away from work.

“So many things are thrown at you all day long – so much stimulation, so much visual information and ideas,” says Sarah, “Imagine how it would feel to spend even ten minutes with images you did ask for.”

Yoga can give you a mini version of the feeling you get when you truly turn off from work. Closed off from the world outside the studio you can really start to relax and restore your body without distraction – just like sitting on a sun lounger.

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