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Why You Should Be Participating in R U OK

by Adele Rogers on Tuesday 3 September 2019



Ever been low enough to think 'what’s the point…no one cares'?

Most of us have been there at some stage. But it’s usually a transient, fleeting feeling which passes and one we move on from.

Our lives are incredibly busy and complex - more so than ever before. It’s really not uncommon for people to feel overworked and pretty darn frazzled, and to be dealing with stress on a daily basis. And sometimes, when it all gets too much, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can result.

Around 45% Australians will experience mental illness sometime in their lifetime, while 20% are affected every year.  

Heavy stats.

Mental illness can be debilitating and all consuming. It can affect the way you think, behave and communicate. It not only affects the health of your mind, but your body and overall wellbeing. 

Luckily, we are finally grasping a better understanding and acceptance of mental illness, and there are now ways we can all play our part. 

Throughout Australia, the second Thursday every September is earmarked as 'R U OK? Day'. It’s a day which promotes the principle of looking out for each other. It aims to make us mindful of how to help when we notice someone who might be struggling. It encourages us to be a good mate, be a good listener and to not be afraid to ask the question, "Are you OK?"   

Be a good mate, and remember to ask the question. It's a great question to ask on the actual R U OK Day but, also on any other day in September or any other day of the year, for that matter!

It's not only about being proactive in looking out for the welfare of others, but also about our own welfare. Here's 3 ways you can keep your mental awareness in check. 


In demanding situations, take a deep breath and do your best. Give yourself credit not criticism and try to resist negative thoughts.


Just like you schedule a meeting at work, schedule some ‘you’ time each week. Take a bath, read a book, or spend time with friends. 


Physical exercise, walks, a healthy diet and enough sleep are paramount to keep ourselves healthy and our bodies in good form.  

Do what’s best for your body, and your mind will thank you.

We'll also be championing this great cause in all of our clubs during the month of September! So drop in for a conversation or to get your bod moving for your mental health.

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