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Is our obsession with health and wellness killing the nightclub scene?

by Josh Wakerman on Friday 18 August 2017


There’s a certain pressure these days to be #goals for just about every aspect of our lives.

And with an endless supply of health and fitness advice, there’s the idea that we should know better - like going to that 6am gym class instead of staying out all night drinking.   

With hospitality businesses shifting their focus from the club scene to the food scene, it’s obvious there has been a shift in culture.  

Yes, there are to-do lists, and yes, that fitness goal isn’t going to achieve itself.  

But, is this pressure for perfection the reason we’re spending our Sundays meal prepping in the kitchen, instead of clubbing on a Saturday night?

Are we becoming super lame or ridiculously smart?  

We’re taking better care of ourselves

Okay, let’s admit it.  We all just want to feel good.  So, when a HIIT session can give you a pretty solid natural high, and a night out drinking can turn you into all kinds of zombie the next day… it’s makes it much easier to weigh out the options.  

Young people are drinking less

Surprised?  A recent survey showed that young people are drinking significantly less.  In fact, 75% of young adults are choosing to drink in moderation.  It seems young people have caught on to the whole ‘drink responsibly’ thing.  

It’s bloody expensive

So, more young people are opting to stay in and we can’t imagine why.  But it could have something to do with the fact that a solid night out could set you back about $100.   

And when there are healthy foods, protein powder and avocado to stock up on… there’s usually not much money left over.  

Hitting those macro goals 

Not only will a night out cost you money, it’s probably going to cost you your caloric intake for the day (or more).  So basically, if you’re spending money on alcohol, you’re spending money on calories that you don’t really want to be having in the first place… it seems like a waste, right?  

Young adults are being more mindful of what they put in their bodies, so much so, that they are often choosing to just go sober.   

Save money and calories.  Double win.  

It’s all because of Netflix, we swear. 

While it seems that we’re making some great healthy choices when it comes to alcohol – that doesn’t necessarily mean we are walking around like perfect beings.  We’re also using technology a whole lot more than we used to.  In fact, research shows that young adults, age 18-34, are streaming 2.3 hours of TV per day on average.  Maybe we’re just opting to stay in because Suits is life.   That, or we’re just choosing to unwind in different ways.  

So, while young adults care more about living a healthy, active lifestyle, it may not be the only reason we aren’t clubbing like we used to.  It may just be that our interests and priorities have shifted to taking care of our overall wellbeing, and is that really a bad thing?  

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