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What to consider when choosing your PT

by Jill Wright on Wednesday 9 August 2017


When you decide to engage a Personal Trainer, it is often the point when your motivation is at its highest.  

Who you decide upon could make or break your progress.  The importance of selecting the right trainer can sometimes be overlooked. 

In the years past, a Personal Trainer was simply motivation to go to the gym.  Someone to make sure your technique was ‘spot on’ and to keep you accountable for your 2 – 3 sessions a week.  Your 45 mins would begin the minute you walked in the door and would end the moment you left.

With the ever-expanding health and wellness industry, so too comes the evolution of the new breed of Personal Trainers.  In conjunction, the pool of trainers has expanded dramatically. 

So how do you sift through the ever-increasing assembly of options?  And no, it’s not just the PT with the biggest biceps or best abs!

Virgin Active National Head of Personal Trainers, Alex Davies says “They should be a highly educated, extremely genuine, passionate and motivated fitness specialist…the client experience and wellbeing should be at the heart of everything they do”.

Things to consider: 

What motivates you?  Do you respond to precise instruction? Is it positive reinforcement or do you just need someone to yell at you?  It’s important you find a trainer that you not only respect but also displays a personality that works with yours.

It goes without saying that your PT should be highly educated.  Someone who lives for the industry and is constantly abreast of any new developments with a thirst for learning more!

Your results are their results.   Look for a trainer who is dedicated to your results and will be determined to keep you accountable. They want to know what you are eating, drinking and thinking.  No this is not intrusive, this is how to get results.  And don’t be surprised if you get a text on a Saturday night telling you to put that 3rd champagne down.  

Your trainer should track your results. Let’s face it, we all work harder when we can clearly see it’s paying off. Results based motivation is extremely effective and in fact, it’s your PT’s job to track your results.

It’s imperative that the trainer you select is also available to train you at a time that works with your schedule. Ask how many clients they currently have and if they can continue to train you at the allotted time each week.

On the subject of what a trainer should represent, Alex went on to say “A person who will guide, support, motivate and coach another person to reach their personal goals, a Coach. A person who has the knowledge, experience and tenacity to revaluate these goals and forge new ones”.

“There is a saying about a personal trainer, they should have the skills of a motivator, priest, comedian, councillor, politician, fitness specialist, teacher and coach. Being a client of a personal trainer shouldn’t just be about the time spent on the gym floor it should be a whole life changing health and wellbeing experience”.   

I don’t know about you but now I’m looking for a trainer with the comic timing of Russell Brand, the patience of Ghandi and the listening skills of a bat…and now we all know they are out there!


Jill is the face of @iamjillwright and founder of Fashion, fitness and events website

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