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How to keep the beauty in your workout

by Michael Brown on Friday 21 July 2017

Image credit: @mbrown_beauty

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian with a daily glam squad on hand, you might not feel the prettiest or the most handsome you’ve ever felt while working out. Shiny skin, oily scalp, blotchy cheeks (especially after cardio) and of course, the dreaded sweaty gym shoe… sound familiar? 

Well, save getting your heart rate up for your workout and stress less as I’ve got you covered with some easy tips and products to make your gym life feel that little bit more beautiful.


Your face is the main area to suffer while working out and because of the shine factor that can occur, unwanted oils can be left on the surface of the skin. Because of this, it is always best to work out with clean skin. Ladies, I know this is not always the case, but it should be tried, even with just a soft cleansing wipe.

Cleansing correctly is also extremely important after working out – nothing too drying though, as when you sweat, you lose natural moisture within the skin – so something as simple as a cleansing wipe can be amazing for the gym bag. 

Cleansing wipes today come in many ways; for face, for eyes and even for different skin types, plus, they are great to buff out your scuffed gym shoes and if you have no time for a shower (I mean really, it’s only a couple of mins) they could be used as a body refresher also.

We’ve all been there! 

Try Simple Kind To Skin Facial Wipes (RRP $7.99) 

Another thing to consider is your pores, as they enlarge with heat and produce the shine we see on our T-Zone while we work out, possibly clogging pores if not cared for post workout with correct cleansing.

A great way to reduce shine and tighten pores pre-workout (or post-workout for extra oily/blemish prone skin) is a purifying, mattifying mist. Just one little spritz and your skin is protected from excess oil.

Try La Roche-Posay Serozinc (RRP $12.95) 

One for the ladies - we know hair can be an issue when working out, especially during lunch breaks. Luckily the slick low bun is on trend right now, right? 

But, if you prefer soft waves and tend to look frizzy after a gym sesh, try adding sea salt spray into your hair pre-workout, then braid or plait your ponytail and away you go. The heat/moisture coming from your head during your workout will assist in the product activating -  like sea salt from the ocean - adding texture and thickness.

Post-workout, undo braid/plait, give a quick dry with the hairdryer, use fingers to separate hair and soft, textured waves will appear.

Try Models Prefer Treat It Sea Salt Spray (RRP $7.99) 


At this point we are either so out of breath, we skip the change rooms and go straight home out of sight to quietly recover, or for some, it’s back to work, or even worse, date night? Hmmm…
Whatever the rush out of the gym, these beauty delights below will get you feeling fresh on your fitness departure.

First step post-workout is to cool your skin.  It’s usually a little hot and possibly red and blotchy, plus dehydrated as when you sweat you lose water from the skin.

An alcohol-free (alcohol can dry the skin further, surprise surprise) skin hydrating mist can provide relief when your skin is warm, plus rehydrate your face instantly – great for long flights too! 

Try Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner (RRP $10.95) to soothe and cool skin. 

Once your skin has cooled and redness has subsided, if you need to even out your skin further, an organic BB cream is my first choice to apply to skin, after such a skin change from just working out. Organic BB creams can contain moisture, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals - not ‘filling’ your skin nasties when skin can be receptive.

Using fingers to massage and blend (or brush in a patting motion for a dense coverage, try Inika Certified Organic BB Cream (RRP $59) 

Lastly, my personal fave and go-to, the good old dry shampoo! Our hair around the scalp area can appear quite oily after working out, so guys and girls can benefit from this shower-free refresher product.

Hair must be fully dry before applying, so using the change room dryer on the roots of hair is recommended, then spray from a slight distance and the dry, yet powdery texture will absorb oil and refresh your locks, also adding thickness.

Best part is, dry shampoo is great for your gym shoes! Yep, you heard right! It will absorb oil and moisture in your shoes, as well as make them smell better, winning!

Try Moracconoil Dry Shampoo in light or dark tones (RRP $39.95) 

See, now fitness and beauty can work out together!

Michael Brown is a celebrity makeup artist, writer and presenter. Follow Michael's adventures @mbrown_beauty

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