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Enjoying an active Easter long weekend

by Douglas Ross on Tuesday 11 April 2017


You have four glorious days off from work. Daylight savings are over and it's tempting to spend Easter wrapped up in a doona, watching an entire series on Netflix. But, you can do that and still enjoy an active Easter, and here’s how.  

First off, get your nearest and dearest together, decide whether you want to stay in the city or get away from the noise and then choose your own adventure!

An active Easter in the city


It’s not Friday the 13th, but the 14th, so you’re already feeling lucky as you get up. Following a casual brekky and coffee, your first move of the day is to centre yourself through a yoga class. Much chill.  

Now that you’re limbs are limber, for those in Melbourne try listening to some tunes while stretching out muscles you didn’t know existed at the Burnley Bouldering Wall.  A five minute bike ride from the city along the Yarra river – it’s free and friendly! Expect Peruvian beats, plenty of chalk and that one person who has been climbing since they were three absolutely dominating.  


Sydneysiders tend to take things to the next level though, which is why you can get some million-dollar, harbour-side views while you climb single-pitch sandstone cliffs just minutes from the city centre. Time to get serious. Alternatively, why not feel like Spiderman on our CBD Climbing Wall before you stuff yourself with chocolate?  

Saturday and Sunday: 

If you haven’t signed up to one of the many Easter weekend tennis tournaments happening around Victoria, fear not. There are plenty of tennis courts available in Melbourne, which you can book by the hour. Same goes in Sydney, it’s practically a giant tennis court with harbour views! With four people to split the cost, this is a cheap and hilariously embarrassing way to activate your core. Unless you’re a pro, of course. 

If the weather is nice in Melbourne, and you’re slightly insane, head down to the Brighton Baths and do some laps in the bay. If the weather in Sydney is better (and let’s assume it always is) you aren’t stuck with just one ocean bath, but an...ocean of ocean baths. If those muscles are bit sore from that climbing and tennis, this will surely help your circulation and recovery.  

Icebergs Pool, Bondi


Assuming you still spent some time cosied up on the couch over the weekend, why not finish off your active Easter on Monday by carpooling out to the Cathedral Ranges just outside of Melbourne for some of the most spectacular walking and views in the state. Remember to bring your friends, because just like a tree in the woods, if there was nobody to see you basking in those mountain views, were you ever really there?  
And of course, for those in Sydney, it’s impossible and irresponsible not to mention the Royal National Park, south of Cronulla. Bushwalk along the dramatic white cliffs in the north, tear through the 100kms of bush tracks on your bike, or paddle your board out to the breakers in the pristine waters of Garie Beach.   

An active Easter away

Both NSW and Victoria have too many beautiful camping and hiking spots to pick from. But why not pick some anyway. 


You would be insulted if it wasn’t on this list: Wilsons Promontory. A stunning (and hugely popular) destination for extended hikes and camping, be sure to research campsite availability, because Easter gets crazy down there.  

If you are superstitious about heading east, and who can blame you, head west instead to the Grampians. What this national park lacks in beaches, it makes up for in incredible hikes and views.  

If walking a cool 5km/h isn’t your bag, get a convoy going and drive to Mt Hotham for an active Easter weekend of life-threatening, adrenaline-inducing mountain bike riding. There’s something about hurtling down a mountain on a bike that both gets your heart rate pumping and makes you think about your own mortality.  

New South Wales

It’s hard to say it, but New South Welshmen and Welshwomen have their pick of the litter when it comes to national parks. For this reason, why not choose a couple and hopscotch across them over the Easter weekend? 

Start on Friday at Bouddi National Park, on the Central Coast, this area is famous for Putti Beach and the 8.5km coastal track.  

Bouddi National Park

Head west on the Saturday to Brisbane Water National Park and soak this up for the next two days. Cycle the Tommos loop on Saturday and then walk the Great North track on Sunday.  

End the Easter weekend on Monday by dropping by the Berowra National Park on your way back down to Sydney. While you could spend the entire weekend here, walking the Benowie walking track, you can also make a quick stop here and walk the 5.8km Fishponds track, amongst others.  

Remember, staying active away from the city doesn’t mean you have to forgo a movie or two at the campsite. That’s what iPads, laptops and your sleeping bag are for. 

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