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Feeling too old to get into shape?

by Adele Rogers on Friday 16 September 2016

Are you in your 30s or 40s and guilty of complaining about how it’s too late for you to get in shape?

Well, did you know that we have members that are in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s!

That’s right.

Did you also know you’re never too old to start?


The problem is, whether you are 30 or 110, if you believe you are too old, you probably are. Those who subscribe to the belief that they are ‘too old’ are generally also too set in their ways to make change, and that’s the problem.

True-blue Aussie culture sees healthy lifestyles and activeness as a priority. Aside from the feeling you get swanning about in a brand new pair of Nike free runs - as a nation, we truly do have the urge to be healthier, live well, and live longer.

But if you’re struggling with motivation, if the goal seems too far away, or those 30-year-old bones are feeling a little creaky - we’re here to serve you some life lessons from a 90-year-old.

When the old Harbord Diggers gym closed its doors, Virgin Active Frenchs Forest acquired some canny new members, one of those being Bill English, who now stands as our oldest member.

But age means nothing to Bill. At 90 years old he's dodged the bullet more than once.

Bill enlisted in the navy shortly after his 18th birthday, all set to do his duty for Queen and Country, when shortly before his deployment, the war ended. His second scrape with death came when a boiler room exploded at Bunnerong Power Station where Bill worked as an Occupational First Aid Officer. And just 10 years ago, Bill suffered a heart attack in his home. 

‘I remember it very well. I was watching Ray Martin interview Olivia Newton John on the television, and I felt a pain in my chest’.

Now rocking 6 stents in his coronary arteries, he’s not only still here to tell the tale today, but smashing out 13 classes a week at Virgin Active!  

‘I do everything from Pilates Reformer and Young At Heart, to Yoga and Zumba. But Drums Alive is my favourite. You should see it! You just go wild!’

A recent bout of pneumonia saw bill spend 5 days in Mona Vale hospital and lose close to 10kgs. But the fighter inside has gained back 6 of those in less than two months and has just been given the green light by the doc to get back into exercise.  

‘I do it mostly for the companionship, but it’s been a life saving journey for me’.  

Let’s face it, if this 90-year-old Northern Beaches legend can plank for two and a quarter minutes (true), there’s probably something you’re capable of too.

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