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Q&A with Ally Hayward

by Adele Rogers on Friday 19 August 2016


Ally Hayward is the founder of the fitness and fashion website

In just under three years, Substance has secured its place as one of Australia’s go-to destinations for all things style, beauty, health and travel.  Ally is also the resident blogger for, the home of our Pitt Street club where you’ll often find her box-jumping with photographer hubby Jonathan Hayward!

We sat down with Ally to find out a little more about her active lifestyle.

Have you always been healthy and active?
‘Healthy lifestyle has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in a coastal town with two sisters and a brother! My father used to dedicate his time to our swimming practice and athletics training. As I got older I loved soccer and netball (height was an advantage). I loved team sports! 
Around the time of finishing school it was probably the least active I have ever been, so I made a promise to always be healthy and active since then.’

What is your go-to exercise?
‘I LOVE box jumps at the moment! They used to scare me, now I love them!’


What song would be on your ultimate workout playlist?
‘Anything that I can sing along to in my head. Beyonce is the best for that!!’

If you were stranded on a deserted island, how would you exercise?
‘Oh! That’s a good one! I love swimming so if it was safe to swim, I would do laps! Or sprints… OR, I would try and make a box to jump on! Ha!’

What’s for breakfast on a Sunday?
‘I love a cafe in Balmain called Kafeine. It is the best. They do a great mix of healthy foods - acai bowls, healthy breakfast boards - it’s addictive!’

What’s the weirdest thing in your kitchen cupboard?
‘I always buy things and often forget they’re there - I would say weird hot sauces from different countries. We love spicy food!’

If you won the lottery, would you exercise more or less?
‘I’ve always said if I won the lottery I would always continue to work and work out! I don’t think you can give up things you love quickly! I would fast become bored!’

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to staying on track with a healthy lifestyle?
‘Travel! I find it hard to be consistent when I travel - But, I walk a lot when I travel so I think it evens out in the end!’


Follow Ally's adventures on Instagram @substance_blog

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