Rest and recovery

We're as big on winding down as we are on working out. Elevate your wellness journey and nurture your body, mind, and soul in our rest & recovery spaces.

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Your path to wellness begins with rest and recovery

Get the ultimate rest and recovery experience and recharge in our spa, relax in the sauna, unwind in our Sound Bath class, or freshen up with our premium changeroom amenities. Check out our blog to explore these spaces, discover the best ways to use them, and uncover their unique benefits.


Bring on the bubbles. Hop into our heated spa and totally relax as the warm water helps to relieve any muscle tension and improve blood flow.


The perfect end to every session. Spend some time in our sauna to totally unwind after all your hard work.

Mindfulness moments

All our classes include a mindfulness moment. A moment for you to lose the world and find yourself.

Zen Space

Improve your wellbeing and find focus in our beautifully designed yoga areas to unwind your body & clear your mind.

Stretching Zone

Support your body’s natural ability to repair itself, improve your mobility and prevent muscle stiffness in our dedicated stretch zones.

Premium facilities

We're big on the little things: rain showers, GHD® straighteners and Dyson™ hairdryers so you'll always leave the club ready to tackle anything.


Should you use the sauna before or after your workout?

Relaxing in the sauna is a popular way to enhance your rest and recovery, making it a great addition to your pre-or-post workout routine. But what’s the connection between saunas and fitness?


What is a Sound Bath class?

For those curious about what to expect, the answer is simple: prepare to rest, recover, and fully absorb the experience in whatever form it manifests for you. This is more than just an exercise class; it's a journey into sound healing and an oasis of relaxation.


Sauna? Pool? Spa? What one should you jump in first?

A sauna, pool, and spa are all great ways to gain some relaxation and other benefits. Understanding the order in which you use them can enhance the effectiveness of your rest and recovery.

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