What is a Sound Bath class?

by Kate Pippos on Sunday 15 October 2023

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Leonardo Da Vinci is quoted as saying “Do you know that our soul is made of harmony?” and the intention of Sound Bath, our newest baby to your in-club wellness experience, echoes his sentiment. Sound healing is a profound method for creating synergy mentally and physically. Considered as a form of therapy, Sound Bath will take you from dissonant to resonant by synchronising the left and right sides of the brain. Amongst the many benefits attributed to sound bathing are a decrease in stress, pain management, improved sleep quality, emotional regulation, enhanced mindfulness, and boosted immune function.

Simply put - rest and recovery are good for you

A Sound Bath experience is like no other and requires a degree of submission to make way for the experience. Once you’re in the space and set up with your blankets and bolsters, there is absolutely nothing else you need to do. Lay back, receive and enjoy. Sound has long been used as a form of healing and dates back as far as Ancient Greece where healing temples and theatres were created to maximize exposure to sound. Some sources say that sound healing originated in Australia, alongside the oldest living indigenous culture in the world, with Aboriginals playing the didgeridoo as a form of healing over 40,000 years ago.

What makes it so popular?

Sound bathing has recently gained momentum due to its accessibility, cathartic nature and connection with both resonance and vibration – two fundamental aspects of sound healing. This is a practice for anyone, anytime, regardless of your level of physical fitness, activewear collection, or flexibility. Come in your PJs (it’s a trend you know, even if you’re over 30!). Our sound baths are created using high-quality quartz crystal bowls that resonate at frequencies. It is believed that these frequencies represented by Hz (Hertz) in physics, create ultimate harmonic alignment resulting in physical and emotional healing. According to one scientific study in Italy, this alignment lowers blood pressure and heart rate enabling participants to experience a fundamental increase in the quality of being.

Would I enjoy it?

You will likely love sound baths if you feel drawn to meditation and enjoy the therapeutic quality of sound. You will likely head to the back of the room or have your feet towards the bowls if you find intense sounds triggering or overstimulating. The bowls can get loud and for some, observing this can feel overwhelming. Sound baths aren’t a walk in the park for everyone, nor for some on a certain day. Just like you would experience in any form of meditation, you may feel that anxiety levels are heightened during the experience. Thankfully, the cellular work being done is at a level that happens beyond any conscious recognition.

Sound Bath class at Virgin Active

At Virgin Active we believe that wellness starts from within, so adding this to our repertoire of restorative and recovery-based options was both intuitive and natural. All our instructors are trained to deliver harmonic experiences that care for and nurture your body, mind, and soul. The modern twist? You get to do this in the same place you can also lift weights, luxuriously bask in a sauna, cycle your way to bliss or make new gym buddy friends. Still not convinced? We know you’ve got a growth mindset, otherwise you wouldn’t be a part of the family! So come along and bring a dose of receptiveness and curiosity. The worst that can happen? You’ll get a nap. So, book in a class today!

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