Never eat bland food again – just add spice!

by Alec Graves on Saturday 11 March 2023

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Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean bland food. Many gym-goers find the balance of nutrition and enjoyment tricky to get right, but there’s plenty you can do to make your home-cooked meals flavoursome and nutritious too.

Using spices is an easy way to add all kinds of healthy and delicious flavours to your cooking. Check out our top tips for spices and seasoning, and start enjoying eating in a way that compliments your goals in the gym.

Benefits of herbs and spices

Herbs and spices are typically sought after first for their flavour and aroma, but many of our favourites also have some great health benefits.

Get to know some readily available herbs and spices

We each have our own preferences, tastes and even cuisines. So aligning common herb and spice combinations with your preferences can make sure they don’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. Get to know a few common combos:

  • Chinese five spice: powdered star anise, cinnamon, cloves, Sichuan peppers and fennel seeds; a staple in all kinds of delicious Chinese dishes. You could also try it as a rub on your favourite grilled protein, or as a seasoning on your veggies.
  • Ground ginger and chilli powder: a simple combination perfect on roast salmon, which is a good option to more omega-3 in your diet.
  • Cumin, coriander and fennel seed powder: excellent for any and all legumes and root vegetables. Additional seasoning with salt and black pepper really brings out the best in this earthy-toned combo.

Quick tip to get you started: For a healthy and high protein recipe that makes use of toasted sesame seeds, garlic and ginger, try our soy & sesame soba noodles recipe!

Reach out for more tips on nutrition and fitness

The Virgin Active team is here to help you find ways to reach your goals sooner, whether that’s in the gym or offering guidance on how to get it right in the kitchen. Get in touch today to book in time with a Personal Trainer and start kicking goals.

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