From gym to zen: why add a post-workout spa session

by Steph Underhill on Sunday 10 March 2024

4 min read

Who doesn’t love a good soak in the spa? But did you know, bathing in warm water has a lot of benefits, particularly when done straight after exercise?

Let’s look at why you need to get yourself in a spa stat after your next workout and soak up those gains!

Reasons to add a spa session after your workout

Assists with muscle recovery

Feeling achy after your gym sesh? Skip the Deep Heat and see if a spa can help relieve your muscle pain.

Immersing yourself in warm water increases blood flow around the body, which in turn can help to loosen tense muscles. Your joints will thank you for taking the pressure off with a bit of a float too!

Help relieve stress

Taking a few minutes for a spa after your workout will do wonders for your stress levels. The warm water will calm your nervous system and improve your mood. In fact, a 2017 shows that bathing in warm water can help ease symptoms of depression.

It feels gooooood

You know what I’m talking about here: the warmth, the weightlessness, the sound of the water – it’s downright delightful.

People who regularly bathe report feeling relief from fatigue and overall refreshment from immersion bathing, and we can’t agree more! Finishing up your gym session with a spa will leave you feeling fresh and lively, rather than hot and sweaty.

The benefits of having a spa after exercise

Bathing in warm water has been proven to boost your health and wellbeing in various ways, including:

Soaking in a spa as part of your post-workout routine can help you relax both mentally and physically, and leaves you feeling fresh after an intense session.

Why you should have a spa after (not before) exercise

While there can be benefits to having a spa before your workout (for example, it can help warm up your muscles), we recommend jumping in the spa after exercise instead. This is because you don’t want to overheat yourself before your workout begins, or lose much-needed hydration.

A post-workout spa will increase blood flow and help your body recover from your workout. (It’s the same reason you should have a sauna after your workout!)

That said, it’s still beneficial to do some stretching to cool down after your exercise, before you have your spa.

Immerse yourself in our spa facilities

You’ll find spa facilities at the following Virgin Active clubs:

  • Pitt St, Sydney
  • Zetland, Sydney
  • Northern Beaches, Sydney
  • Norwest, Sydney 
  • Collins St, Melbourne
  • Bourke St, Melbourne.

You can also access saunas, pools and a range of other wellness facilities to help you get more from your health and fitness membership. Discover more ways Virgin Active clubs promote post-workout rest and recovery.

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