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31 Days of YOGA

Banish the winter blues, increase vitality, and restore balance to your mind & body by taking part in our August Yoga challenge.

Find out more information & register at one on the following times:

Sunday 22nd July 9.45pm at V-cafe
Monday 23rd July 2.00pm in Studio
Monday 23rd July 7.00pm at V-cafe
Wednesday 25th July 7.00am in Studio

Published on Thursday 12 July 2018

Grid changes

Some positive things are happening on the Grid.

We are changing our 30 minute grid classes to Xpress Grid
We are renaming our Circuit classes on the Grid to Grid - they will still be 45 minute circuit classes.

Our new Grid team are 100% committed to you and your Grid workouts.

Join Cain, Dan J and Dan B, Brendo, Andrew, Nat, Nick and Bel W for a workout you'll be feeling for a while!

Published on Tuesday 10 July 2018

Sprint returns to Wednesday nights

We are giving the Wednesday 6.30pm Cycle class a break but never fear, from 1st August you can get back on your bike at 5.50pm for a 30 min Sprint session on the bike with Elisa.

Sprint is tabata style training with the longest fat burning period of any of our classes. You will be burning fat for about 9 hours after your class.

Keen to try that? Need to attack the winter weight? This is your class then. Hop to it folks!

Published on Thursday 5 July 2018

Monday Circuit Class

Monday Circuit is moving to 7.40pm with Cain from Monday 9 July.

All our 45 minute classes on the Grid will now be called Grid so the Monday night circuit will also now be called Grid but it will still be a 45 minute circuit class on the Grid - so come along and experience it for yourself!

It's a good blast of power to start your week.

Published on Thursday 28 June 2018

New Thursday Lineup

Thursday night just got hotter!

Starting 26th July you can mix and match the following sensational classes;

Bootcamp with Cam at 4.50pm (30 mins)
Tabata with Bel W at 5.25pm (30 mins) (moving from Tues 10.20am - last class 3 July)
Xtrain with Bel W at 6pm (45 mins)
360 Degree Abs with Effe at 6.50pm (30 mins)

Spoilt for choice if you want bodyweight training, weights based training, core training or fabulous fatburning. Get amongst the action!

Published on Thursday 28 June 2018

New Ab class!

360 Degree Abs is on like crazy!!
Starting Thursday 5th July at 6.35am with Gizelle and then with Effe at 6.50pm from 26th July
Now is the chance to get those abs in shape and get a kickstart on that 6 pack!
Everyone welcome.

Published on Monday 25 June 2018

Kimax on a Tuesday morning!

Crash into the start of your week with a hard core Kimax session - new to Tuesday's, starting 3rd July at 6.50am.

Book on MyLocker for your fatburning, body strengthening, distressing Kimax experience.

Published on Monday 25 June 2018

Sprint returns to Monday Nights

Monday night Sprint is back - 6pm with Andres from 18th June.

30 minutes tabata style training on a bike. Short, sweet and super effective.

Grab your 9 hour fatburning workout every week Monday at 6pm
On ya bike - no excuses!

Published on Wednesday 13 June 2018

Come Celebrate International Day of Yoga With Us

Thursday 21st June

Yin Yoga – 12:45-1:30pm
45mins to rest and restore with Effe Diamond

Candle Light Yoga (Outdoors) – 7:00-8:00pm
Yoga under the stars with Jenni Lew.
Outdoor heating and movement will warm up our bodies. Don’t forget to wear extra layers and socks to keep cosy though – socks with grip are now sold at reception. After the practice we’ll have a chance to connect and chat over a warm cup of tea.

Both events are free to members. Book via mylocker.

Published on Wednesday 6 June 2018

Reformer classes get athletic!

Monday 18th June we are sweetening the deal and introducing Reformer Athletic classes.

Get ready to spice up your reformer workout with some dynamic moves.
This class will focus on key areas of your body – core, legs, glutes, abs, back and arms, helping you to create that strong athletic balanced body.

Athletic Reformer is a class for the more experienced Reformer member with at least 20 classes under their belt. Warning - this class will make you look and feel HOT!

You will notice a few changes to current timeslots as we spread a few basic Beginner Reformer Classes across the week, introduce Reformer Athletic and offer you a solid range of Pilates Reformer classes - morning, afternoon, evening and weekend.

Time to embrace the new stronger you with our new range of Pilates Reformer classes, with all the superstar instructors you already know and love.

Published on Wednesday 30 May 2018


Start your day feeling calm and relaxed and allow yourself some much deserved ME time
Learn to set positive intentions for your day
Energise your body while stretching out & releasing aches and pains from the body
Learn to become present and focus better & feel less stressed all day

Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00-7:00am
Fridays 6:30-7:30am
Saturdays 7:10-8:00am & Sundays 8:05-9:05am

Suitable for all levels – New faces always welcome

Published on Wednesday 23 May 2018

Yoga is for everybody

Here are just some of the benefits

• Calms the nervous system which helps to reduce stress & anxiety
• Improves fitness & mobility
• Helps to increase levels of energy
• Can enhance sleep
• May help to improve hormone imbalances

We think Yoga is for EVERY body, so we’ve made things simple. We have grouped yoga classes into 3 categories: Strength, Align & Calm. If you are unsure which class would suit you, ask reception to have our Yoga Coach call you to discuss what’s the best option for you.

Published on Tuesday 24 April 2018

Why do Yoga


• Improves fitness & mobility
• Enhances cardio vascular health and aids digestion
• Reduces mental chatter
• Improves physical balance
• Can improve disordered sleep patterns

We think Yoga is for EVERY body, so we’ve made things simple. We have grouped yoga classes into 3 categories: Strength, Align & Calm. If you are unsure which class would suit you, ask reception to have our Yoga Coach call you to discuss what’s the best option for you.

Published on Tuesday 24 April 2018

Pilates and Yoga Personal Training

Fancy just a little bit of one on one focused attention?
Do you want a trainer who can work around your specific injuries to achieve your goals?
Are you feeling you lack confidence to come into a class?
Do you want to train at regular times that suit you?

You can book in with our Yoga Coach Jenni Lew for one on one Yoga Personal Training or you can book in with our Group Exercise Manager Leisl Klaebe for one on one Pilates or Reformer Pilates Personal Training sessions.

Good for your mind and your body. Put yourself first this year and love the body you have.

Published on Thursday 8 March 2018


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