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Virgin Active
Frenchs Forest

16 Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest, NSW 2086
(02) 9975 8600


Yoga Foundations Course

Staring Saturday 16 June to 7 July ; 1.50pm - 3.50pm

This 8 hour course, delivered over 4 weeks, will give you a solid foundation in all things Yoga. Everything from the benefits of Yoga, to philosophy, breathing techniques and of course asana (the postures)

As a beginner, we will give you the knowledge and experience you need to establish a regular practice

As a seasoned Yogi, we will help you to deepen your awareness so you can take that next step in your Yoga practice

For more info contact Yoga Coach - Terri Montgomery on or see reception.

See you on the mat

Published on Tuesday 24 April 2018


Combining Yoga and Ayurveda principles, we’ll look at body types and your habits, where Dinacharya - your daily routine to maintain your physical health is applied for a better way of living. Exploring and integrating yoga poses to a more beneficial and sustainable yoga practice.

Friday 25th May 2018 at 6.15pm – 8.15pm in Studio 2

Taught by Mauricio Eberlein

Cost: $30 members / $50 non members
For more information ask at reception or email your Yoga Coach:

Published on Tuesday 24 April 2018

These classes need your love....

The following classes need you to come along to keep them pumping!

Monday: Vinyasa Yoga 5.45am, Group Power 12.00pm, Cycle 12.30pm, Barre Attack 4.30pm, Active 7.35pm, Cycle 7.45pm

Tuesday: Reformer 11.00am , Circuit 12.00pm, Body Attack 12.45pm , Zuu 6.15pm

Wednesday: Yinyasa Yoga 6.00am , Body Art 10.45am

Thursday: Centergy 12.45pm, Body Attack 6.30pm

Saturday: Step 8.00am

Please come along and show your love for these classes to keep them on the timetable.

Published on Thursday 22 March 2018

Sports Squad School Holiday Program

Sports Squad is back for another round these school holidays. Sign up for 1 day, 2, or a whole week! We'll have the kids running around and taking part in a range of classes and activities including GRID, yoga, dance, boxing and our infamous ninja obstacle course.

Monday 16th April - Friday 27th April
8:30am - 5:00pm
Ages 6 - 15 years
$60 members & $70 non members

Please speak with our lovely reception team to book.

Published on Thursday 22 March 2018


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