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Revolution Cycle
  • Revolution™ Cycle
  • Rock Star Instructors
  • Custom Stages Bikes
  • Shoes Ready On Arrival

Forget the metrics. The new Revolution™ cycle class from Virgin Active is the cycle experience that revolves around you.

With custom designed bikes fit for dancing and doing push-ups on as much as they are for riding, shoes ready on arrival, and fresh daily beats - every element of our new cycle program works together to make this class a revolution in spin training.

Rock star instructors inspire you to keep to the beat with uplifting playlists and pep-talks, you won't even notice you're working out. And with purposeful moments of freestyle in each class allowing you to escape the real world, it's the cardio and conditioning total body revolution for the mind, body and soul.

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Focus Boxing
  • Focus™ Boxing
  • Choreographed airblast
  • Ozone Cleaned Gloves
  • Personal Aqua Punch Bags

It's between you and the bag with the new Focus™ boxing class from Virgin Active.

Distance yourself from the daily grind with a completely immersive workout that strengthens bodies, builds discipline and shapes minds.

With power punching combinations, bodyweight conditioning and skipping, thumping tunes and boxing arena lighting, you will be immersed into a wholly new boxing environment.

We've considered everything - from ozone-cleaned leather gloves to a personal light on your boxing bag - for a no holds-barred experience that leaves your limits behind.

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Burn Strength and Cardio
  • Burn™ Strength & Cardio
  • Controlled Lighting
  • State of the Art Skillmills™
  • Total Body Sculpting Weekly Program

Experience a new world of exercise at Virgin Active's Burn™ strength & cardio class.

With a calorie incinerating combination of traditional strength training and cardio intervals, it's the workout that keeps your body working, even after you've left. We know a next level workout deserves a next level space. In Barangaroo's new strength and cardio studio, you'll run, push, pull, lunge and skip on the SKILLMILL™ in between routines of muscle burning dumbbell and kettlebell intervals.

Every day will focus on a different body part with choreographed lighting, music and inspiring coaching to get you through the most effective 45-minute workout possible.

It's the gym floor alternative you've been waiting for.

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Outdoor Calibration
  • Outdoor Calibration
  • Dynamic Full Body Mobility Drills
  • Run Without Restriction
  • The Mechanics of Mindfulness

Step outdoors to celebrate an unconventional union with our new outdoor Calibration program. Our new style of training marries the principles of biomechanics, athletic mobility, core stability drills and yoga to make you the strongest and most mindful runner you can be.

Feel the ground beneath your feet, breathe deep, and grace through the natural environment as you master the mechanics of mindfulness.

Stop counting kilometres and start seeing how far you’ve come. Learn how to build your body up, rather than break it down. Build a rock solid and functional foundation and enjoy the bliss of the runners high. Understand the intelligence behind running like an athlete. Whether you’re training for your first big run or just keeping up with the pace of life, be confident that each stride we take together, you are moving closer toward your goal.

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Personal Training
  • Personal Training Studio
  • Rock Star Coaches
  • Eleiko Weights From Sweden
  • Exclusive Personal Training Space

Keep up the commitment to your health and wellness with a personal training program that fits you.

Offering structured, varied sessions that work with the demands of your life, our PT experts can maximise the effectiveness of your training. This means less time in the gym, and more time for all the other things.

Our new private PT studio allows you to connect one-on-one with your trainer, with a program that pushes you beyond what you ever thought possible.

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