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employee perspectives

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the group ex queen

I started out working for Virgin Active UK, where joined as a Fitpro before discovering my passion for everything Group Exercise. After a few years and a few different clubs, I decided to spread my wings and hop on a plane down under to see what other adventures were out there. Fast forward nearly 3 years and I am managing the Group Exercise programs across both of our Melbourne clubs – a typical day could be anything from pulling on the training gear and teaching a bunch of classes or sitting at my computer analysing the timetable to see what we can do to make group exercise even better. If you were looking for me, best chance of spotting me would be in a studio rehearsing choreography – I just about live in the studios! What I love the most about working at Virgin Active is what the company stands for, never have I believed more in a company’s values. We want to make the world a more active place by making working out less intimidating and more fun – how could you not love a company who believes in that!

Q: Favourite excuse for not exercising?

A: Well, most days I don’t really have a choice, if I’m not exercising neither are our members! BUT favourite thing to do other than exercising? Breakfast and coffee ( how Melbourne of me) any excuse - anytime of the day!


the operations superstar

I started my Virgin Active journey as a member of our Frenchs Forest club, before it had even finished being built! I must have really loved the place because as soon as I finished uni, I joined the team as a Receptionist and haven’t looked back! Since then I have worn a couple of different hats and currently I am working as the Operations Manager at our Pitt St Mall club. A typical day for me involves many variations of ‘stuff’; computer stuff, cleaning stuff, fixing stuff – just whatever stuff needs doing really! I really truly care whether people feel confident and comfortable in their skin and what I love about working at Virgin Active is it gives me the chance to make that real for all the people who come here, and all the people I work with.

Q: Favourite excuse for not exercising?

A: I don't work in fitness! I work in operations. The club is running so I shouldn't have to.

Employee Profile Image
Employee Profile Image


the fitness rock star

I started with Virgin Active in the UK almost 15 years ago when they only had 11 clubs! Since then I’ve tried my hand at a few different roles like Duty Manager, Personal Trainer and then Group Ex instructor which I quickly discovered was my absolute passion. Before I made the big move to Australia, I was teaching 28 classes a week at 6 different Virgin Active clubs and was best known for my boot camp style classes as well as my high intensity boxing classes. Since joining Virgin Active Australia in 2014, I’ve quickly found my home at our Moore Park club where I look after the Group Ex timetable as well as delivering lots of PT and Group Ex classes.. I even teach Pilates! You’ll often spot me bouncing through the club, high fiving members and staff and trying to create a fun vibe for everyone... I’ve even been known to bust out a song or two from time to time! I love working at Virgin Active because I believe in the brand and what it stands for, we truly want to make exercise irresistible and I love that.
Q: Favourite excuse for not exercising?

A: No excuses. I’m a machine!          

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