Why swimming is so important

by Adele Rogers on Monday 20 December 2021

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Our continent is really just one giant island with limitless acccess to beaches and swimming pools. The University of Sydney counted something like 10,685 beaches over more than 40,000 kilometres of coastline. Not to mention the 12% of Aussie homes that have a swimming pool.

And as the weather warms up, more of us are opting to spend our days by all kinds of large bodies of water. But how are we with our abilities to swim in the ocean compared to a still pool? Being able to swim in both locations is an extremely important life skill and by mastering it at any age can benefit you throughout your life. Here's why.

Personal safety

Regardless of how much you think you’ll never end up in the deep, deep blue, the chances are significant considering many of us live within 50km of the ocean (mentioned earlier).

The ocean is powerful, unpredictable, and home to hidden dangers. Rip currents can take you out into the deep very quickly, to places you probably weren’t intending to go. Sometimes we catch boats and ferries or swim in unsupervised wave pools. Sometimes we don't have a lifejacket on and sometimes there may not be anyone around to help.

If you know how to swim well, and have a grasp on the basics, you’re much more likely to get yourself safely out of a pickle.

“To be quite blunt, if the water is deeper than your height and you find yourself in it, knowing how to swim could save your life.”

Swimming saves lives

You could save a life. Having the ability to swim is particularly important if you are a parent or work with kids. Children are naturally curious, and they move fast. Having your own ability in check, along with keeping your first aid skills up-to-date, could one day prove to be the most useful thing you do. 

Fitness and wellbeing

Swimming can boost your mood, help you tone-up, and even sleep better! It’s a great cardiovascular workout that builds strength and endurance. Water provides a natural resistance requiring you to use many muscles, while also making the activity less strenuous on your body.

It’s fun!

Sun, sand and surf are part of our national identity. Being confident and familiar in the water will allow you to bask in the greatness. 

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